You may also go your Way slowly…

Patience – the ability that is most in demand at the moment. After months of restrictions, which we have endured more or less patiently, we can hardly wait until everything opens up again. Until we get at least parts of our usual busy lives back.

However it still feels like we are driving with the handbrake on. Therefore, a large portion of patience is more than necessary.

A few weeks ago, I was slowed down quite a bit and came to a surprising realisation. Namely, the insight that you can also take the way slowly. That the world continues to turn despite all adversities and that there are even many advantages to be discovered on this slow way.

I would like to share with you here what helped me to shift down a gear and what benefits I was able to derive from slowing down.

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Obstacles along the Way

On a life’s journey there are many obstacles. Collective obstacles, such as the Corona pandemic, which lies like an overpowering impregnable mountain on our planned route.

And also personal obstacles, equal to a defective part of our means of transport with which we wanted to enjoy our journey. That’s what happened to me. After an operation that had put me out of action for more than three weeks, I had another defect. Due to an unfortunate accident, I suffered a deep crack in my thumb. An event that prevented me from picking up full speed again on my life’s journey.

You may also go your way slowly... My defective part - a deep crack in the thumb
My defective part – a deep crack in the thumb

But obstacles can also be opportunities. For example, you can discover things along the way that you would not have discovered if you had whizzed past at your usual speed.

Of course, reducing speed – whether forced or voluntary – requires one ability above all: Patience.

If you now want to consciously slow down your life, if you want to consciously become more patient with yourself and your environment, then I have the following tips for you.

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Tips for more Patience on your Life’s Journey

Don’t dwell on the past, don’t dream about the future. Concentrate on the present moment.”


One reason for a lack of patience is that the future is not coming fast enough. That we therefore think we have to constantly increase the speed. Faster, higher, further.

Unfortunately, however, the present is missed. The only time we can actively shape. That’s why being patient also means being in the moment, being consciously in the present. You can practise this very well by meditating.

Meditation for more Patience

To increase your patient skills, you can practise characteristic mediation.

You may also go your Way slowly... Meditation for more Patience

With the characteristic meditation you strengthen a positive characteristic of your choice. This always happens according to the same pattern:

  • Get into a comfortable upright sitting position. The best position is a cross-legged seat. Let the breath become very calm.
  • Repeat “I am patient.” for a few minutes.
  • Think about the ability you wish to cultivate, in this case patience. Illuminate all sides of the ability.
  • Then think of a person who is particularly patient. Perhaps you know someone personally. Or you can think of a historical person, a film character or a famous personality who is characterised by patience.
  • In the next step, imagine yourself being patient in different situations.
  • Feel and sense the quality as if you already had it and be grateful that you are now patient.
  • Repeat again a few times, “I am patient.”

It is best to meditate like this every day for a while. And also think again and again throughout the day:

“I am patient.”

PRITHVI MUDRA – the Mudra for more Patience

Mudras are hand postures from Kundalini yoga that are meant to direct energies into certain channels. In this way, they can help to increase spirituality, maintain health or even promote qualities.

They are often done while meditating. Therefore, you can also combine this mudra wonderfully with the meditation for more patience.

You may also go your Way slowly... PRITHVI MUDRA - the Mudra for more Patience

Performing the PRITHVI MUDRA is easier than pronouncing it. You just put your thumb on the tip of your ring finger.

This strengthens the earth force, which among other things stands for patience. Whenever you think you need a little more patience, you can practise the mudra and thus patience.

Yin Yoga for more Patience

“Learn to let go. That is the key to happiness.”


Very typically, one trains patience during the practice of Yin Yoga. There, a yoga pose is held for several minutes. This not only allows the thoughts to come to rest. Muscle tensions and cramps are released, which leads to more patience and therefore to more calmness and happiness.

You can find a selection of especially patience-promoting asanas here.

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You may also go your Way slowly

“It is not the starting that is rewarded, but only the perseverance.”


Since my wound was deep and healing takes time, I will (have to) take a slower pace for a while. I admit that I also find it difficult to be patient from time to time. I often forget that with mediation, mudra or asanas I have wonderful tools that help to increase or rediscover patience.

PRITHVI MUDRA - the Mudra for more Patience

But that’s exactly what makes us find ourselves again and again and continue to walk the way. And at exactly the speed that is right for us at that moment.

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Advantages of a slow Pace

“Few realise that patience makes one patient.”


There are also definite advantages to reducing your pace.

On the one hand, the beautiful things that lie along the way become more visible again. The small but beautiful things that we have carelessly passed by so far.

In addition, there is more time again to exchange ideas with companions. Which can lead to new valuable insights. Unfortunately, such an exchange often gets lost in the excessive speed of everyday life.

There is not only more time for exchange with companions. Slowing down everyday life is also very helpful for reflecting on one’s own needs, wishes and goals. A slower pace helps you to arrive at yourself.

Last but not least, it is a proven fact in sports science that improvement does not occur during exercise, but in the resting phase afterwards. Adapted to life, it can therefore be said that we actually improve by walking our life’s journey slowly.

dark exercises fitness metal yoga skull

These are all good reasons to be patient. I hope my tips will help you and you can now wait patiently for my next blog post… STAY TUNED!

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