Yin Yoga to Release

Yin Yoga to Release is a practice of relaxing postures that can help to release all negative thoughts.

No previous knowledge is required to perform the asanas. If you do not have a yoga or gymnastics mat, you can also do the exercises on a blanket. Important is, to wear comfortable clothes.

The Playlist

Trees of Eternity and Hallatar will guide us through the relaxing sequence of Yin Yoga to Release.

Yin Yoga FAQ

Everything can, nothing has to be

ॐ What does Yin Yoga do?

The purpose of a Yin Yoga practice is to release completely. Being in harmony with yourself. Letting go of all negativity.

By the way, Yin Yoga keeps connective tissue, joints and bones healthy, releases blockages in the body and above all promotes relaxation and regeneration.

ॐ Do I need to warm up first?

Yin Yoga can basically be done without being warmed up. If you would like to warm up beforehand, you can of course do so.

(My tip – as always: Dance through the kitchen with Turmion Kätilöt. Then the first aggressions are already gone…)

ॐ How do I get into the asana?

Yin Yoga is a slow and static yoga practice. Therefore the position is taken very calm and mindful.

In the beginning you should not immediately reach your maximum stretching capacity, but sink deeper into the asana with every breath.

ॐ Does everything have to look perfect?

Absolutely not! The most important thing in Yin Yoga is to pay attention to your own body and feelings. The asana does not have to look like a manual, but is taken intuitively. You should leave the comfort zone, but the positions should never feel painful.

ॐ How long must I hold this position?

Between 3 and 5 minutes in general. Shavasana, the final relaxation may also be longer.

ॐ What if I feel uncomfortable?

If an asana makes you uncomfortable, move into the child’s pose. In Balasana, you put your buttocks on your feet from the four-footed position. The arms can be where it is comfortable for you. Stretched out forward, bent in front of the body or laid down to the side of the body.

If a new song comes up, you can then go on to the next exercise.

ॐ How do I release myself from the asana?

Just as gently and careful as you have taken the position, you dissolve again.

ॐ Is there anything else I need to consider?

Yin Yoga is meant to be good for you. Therefore, the most important rule is: Everything can, nothing has to be.

If you want to know more about Ying Yoga, you are welcome to read about it here.

Yin Yoga – the Asanas

Here are the instructions for the asanas.
If you want to have moving pictures,
you can watch the whole flow on Facebook
(And leave me with a “Like it” Thank you!)

Yin Yoga to Release - Garland Pose I - Sinking Ships - Trees of Eternity

We start from a squatting position.
Should your heels lift off the floor,
you can use a rolled blanket or something similar.
It is important that knees and feet point in the same direction.
Cross your elbows and let yourself fall forward in a round way.

Yin Yoga to Release - Garland Pose II - Sinking Ships - Trees of Eternity

After about half of the song (you can recognize this by the fact that the second
strophe begins with the beautiful singing of Aleah Stanbridge)
you change your arm position and put your hands in Anjali Mudra.
This means that the palms of your hands touch each other. Stretch your back
as straight as possible.

Yin Yoga to Release - Melting Heart - Severed Eyes - Hallatar

This asana opens our heart and helps especially with tribulation and sadness.

From the four-legged position, knees hip-wide and arms shoulder-wide,
rest the head on the hands. Let the chest and heart sink down
and release all tension.

With each exhalation release all sorrows and
let the heart sink further towards the ground.

Yin Yoga to Release - Twisted Frog - My Mistake - Hallatar

While we listen to the beautiful lyrics of the Raven’s Song we briefly get
into the Balasana, that means we put our buttocks on the heels.

From there, we open our knees to the first notes of My Mistake
so far that it just feels comfortable. One arm slides forward,
the other arm slides under the forward slided armpit and
is placed on the floor with the back of the hand.

After Tomi Joutsen has sung his first growl part,
we change sides of our arms very carefully and slowly.

Also this asana can help to chase away grief and gloom.

Yin Yoga to Release - Bowtie Pose - Dreams Burn Down - Hallatar

Very smoothly we dissolve the arm position during the words of the Spiral Gate and get into Balasana again.

To the sounds of the song Dreams Burn Down one forearm lies down
in front of the other forearm. Both hands move in exactly the opposite
direction until both arms are stretched far to the side at about shoulder height.

During the middle part of the song Dreams Burn Down,
which is only created with quiet guitar and keyboard sounds,
you carefully change sides and stretch both arms in the other direction.

Yin Yoga to Release - Happy Baby - My Requiem - Trees of Eternity

In My Requiem we slowly release the posture, first coming to
a sitting position and then to a supine position.
Pull the knees towards the chest. Both hands now reach to the feet.
The soles of the feet point upwards and are above the knees.
Pull your legs down gently beside your body.
The lower back remains on the floor; shoulders and neck are relaxed.

Yin Yoga to Release - Corpse Pose - Black Ocean - Trees of Eternity

Brief but nevertheless mindful we stretch our legs upwards
before we put them down.

For Shavasana (Corpse Pose) we lay the legs down as wide as the mat.
The arms lie loosely open beside the body, so that the armpits can breathe easily.

Let yourself sink deep into the ground, feel yourself in your surface
and be completely relaxed.
Breathe in and out gently.
Every time you breathe out you sink even deeper and relax even more.
So you can release everything that is still weighing you down while you listen to the beautiful voice of Aleah Stanbridge.

Releasing – my Tip to Release

My very special tip for releasing all negative thoughts is:
Light a candle – and blow it out!

Yin Yoga is even more wonderful when you are comfortable. For example, you can light a candle. After awakening from Shavasana, put all your negative feelings into the flame and watch them dissolve into thin air as the flame extinguishes.

Namaste! ॐ

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