Yin Yoga – stretch your body, raise your soul

Just being and with just being do something for your own fitness? Yes, that also works! Because fitness doesn’t only mean physical effort, it also involves regeneration. With Yin Yoga you can regenerate wonderfully. But what is Yin Yoga anyway?

Yin & Yang

Everyone knows Yin and Yang. The mostly black and white intertwined sign. Yang stands for the masculine, the strong, the dynamic and the extroverted. Yin is femininity, the calm, the constant and the introverted. The sign is intertwined because one does not work without the other. Only in a balance of both happiness and satisfaction is possible.

Unfortunately, especially our western common daily life is much too yang-related. You are only somebody if you have success. Activity all day long. And in sports: effort, increase in muscle strength and speed, beating your own personal record is the goal.

That’s exactly what Yin Yoga is not about. Yin Yoga is pure relaxation, letting the energy flow, breathing, stretching, enjoying. Simply be.

Simplicity & Yin Yoga

Basically, it is not difficult to do Yin Yoga. At least not physically. With Ying Yoga you can start right away, because you do it without warming up. So, you cannot only work with muscle stretching, but also reach the fascia tissue. Fasciae are a very exciting topic. I’m already looking forward to the module of my education that deals with fasciae. Then I will report to you in detail about it. 

Yin Yoga Asanas are body postures that are engaged slowly. Also, you should not go into an intensive stretch at the beginning of the Asana. Because the posture is held between 3 and 10 minutes. It is nicer to sink into a comfortable position and to loosen everything further during the Asana by a deep relaxation and so to stretch more intensively.

It is very important to slowly release the stretching posture again. All movements in Yin Yoga should be performed consciously and slowly.

The Asanas, in which I always relax, I have photographed for you and will present them together with my playlist in the next post.

Yin Yoga & simplicity

However, Yin Yoga is not simple. Yin Yoga is very meditative. Not everyone wants to do and can do that. The thoughts and the soul go on wanderings – and they should do so. Though sometimes this is more exhausting than spending all your energy on sports. In Yin Yoga you only seem to lie on the floor. But in reality, some asanas are very difficult to master, because you deal with yourself in a kind of relaxing meditation. That could be quite challenging.

Yin Yoga & Metal

My everyday life is also too active. That’s why I like to do Yin Yoga. I can switch off and calm down wonderfully. Especially after an intensive learning day I prefer relaxing in the stretching posture to a jogging tour, a workout or a “normal” yoga session.

Not only the beautiful Shavasana songs fit perfectly. Shavasana I would also classify under Yin Yoga. If you don’t know what this magic word is about, you are welcome to read it here. Also melancholic bands like Type O Negative, A Pale Horse Named Death, Swallow The Sun and especially Insomnium – to name just a few – offer pleasant background sounds that make relaxing even more beautiful.

Yang & Yin

As I already mentioned at the beginning: A good balance between Yin and Yang is the key to happiness. Yin Yoga is a great compensation for muscle building and endurance training. According to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), Yin Yoga also stimulates the life energy that flows in the meridians. If this is too far abstract for you, simply enjoy the relaxation that Yin Yoga brings with it. And enjoy the preoccupation with yourself. Let the soul wander and deal with your thoughts. Because not only physical, but also mental strength is immensely important in sports and in everyday life. Only those who are stabilized on all levels will be able to go through life happy and satisfied. Therefore:

Higher – further – stronger! If you want this for your soul: Practice Yin Yoga!

Namaste and see you soon – stay tuned!

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