With mindfulness to undreamed-of (sportive) success

Mindfulness is on everyone’s lips. You will find articles, books and podcasts on this topic everywhere. Unfortunately, mindfulness is not in everyone’s heads. But mindfulness help us so much. Because if we are mindful, we are happy. And if we are happy, we are successful. That is what we all want: Happiness & success.

The connection to ourselves

Mindfulness means to perceive the present moment without evaluation, to allow it to happen and, if necessary, to let it go. If we are mindful, we are in harmony with ourselves and our environment. Our mind is completely with our doings.

Mindfulness has its roots in Buddhist teachings. Like the practice of yoga, mindfulness connects us to ourselves. A connection that helps us not only to get along better in everyday life, but also to reach our sporty goals in a relaxed way.

The many benefits of mindfulness

If we exercise mindfulness, we have a clear and stable mind that does not lose its overview even in difficult situations and instead remains calm. An ability that is of enormous importance not only in team sports.

Mindfulness exercises help us to achieve more balance – the kinghood of coordinative abilities. Nothing works without balance. Not in sports and not in normal life.

If we are in inner equilibrium, a sovereign and certain, but always friendly action results as if by itself.

And last but not least, a mindful approach to ourselves directs our negative emotions into channels in which they are transformed into positive energy. In this way, problems become challenges. Mastered challenges become successful results. And successful results to perceived satisfaction and happiness. What more do you want?

Mindfulness easy made

Mindfulness is not difficult to practice. But it requires some stamina. Every day you have to look at the individual points, ritualize them.

My absolute book recommendation is “21 Rituals to Change Your Life: Daily Practices to Bring Greater Inner Peace and Happiness” * by Theresa Cheung. Not only have I read this book at least three times completely, but it has changed my whole life.

(Information : The English version looks different)

Based on the rituals from the book here my

Sports adaptation of mindfulness rituals


In order to get up earlier, several conditions must be fulfilled. It requires, first, willpower, second, sufficient restorative sleep, and third, a rewarding goal to get up earlier.

Sufficient restorative sleep is the ultimate goal. Not only to lead a balanced life. It is also very important to sleep well in sports. This is the only way for the body to regenerate. Because the actual increase in fitness does not take place in the training phase, but in the recovery phase.

To make it worthwhile to get up earlier, I have linked this point to the next one for myself. Namely…


The breath is very important – and not only in sports. We need oxygen for (aerobic) energy production. For every single one of our movements.

With the breath we can also control the effort. The general rule is: during exertion you breathe out and during relaxation you breathe in.

When I say “just breathe”, I immediately think of yoga.

Therefore I have created the following morning ritual, which I can really recommend to you – because it is worth getting up for it!

Getting up early – Extensive stretching – Sun Salutation – Alternating breathing Nadi Shodhana – Meditation

Mindful meditation with Nadi Shodhana
Nadi Shodhana Pranayama

Meditation offers a wonderful introduction to the next ritual:


After the mind sees clear again, I write my diary. Among other things, what would make the day perfect. Every morning I visualize things I want to achieve. According to Theresa Cheung, “…mental preparation is almost as efficient as physical training, but doing both is by far the most effective method…”.

It is logical that to see the finish line, you first must have goals. That’s why you should have a life plan and a training plan. Think about where you want to go when and how. Whether it’s a six-pack or your own little house in the country.

And when you have your goals, it’s off to the


Successful athletes use it, the imagination. They visualize successes and victories. In every detail. Over and over again. And then the successes become reality.

Of course one cannot visualize sporting successes without training at the same time. But the combination of mind and body, of mental and physical training can lead to undreamt-of results. How did Buddha already know:

“The mind is everything. What you think you become”.



Not only after reaching the goals one should show oneself grateful. Gratitude belongs in every daily routine. There is always something to be grateful for. Visit a festival. You will be incredibly grateful if you have a real toilet or running water afterwards. In everyday life a matter of course for us.

Gratitude is unfortunately currently not very trendy. All too often only the negative is seen. But how much better we would be if we saw all the small goals we had achieved. We should be grateful that we can lift 10 kilos more. Or do one more pull-up or push-ups. Instead, we keep on poking, without stopping and being grateful to ourselves and our body for everything it has already done and doing day after day. 


And now for my favorite ritual – to tune in. I listen to music always and everywhere. I have extra playlists for jogging, for cool down after training and even for Shavasana, the final relaxation in my yoga practice.

The right music for your fitness programme motivates you to perform at your best. Or it helps to organize the training.

Soon I present you my interval endurance training to Stam1na. The right songs one after the other help to bring the pulse frequencies into the right ranges even without a wearable. And afterwards there is “Taival-Yoga” to calm down the maltreated limbs.

The music helps me to look forward to my training. I find it cool to move my body to the sounds of my favorite bands. That was also the trigger to start my education.

If it’s all the same to you – stay tuned! Next year (after finishing my education) it will start. 

I’m looking forward to it – and visualize diligently. I also wish you much success in applying the mindfulness rituals and thus in becoming happy and successful.

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