We are (full) of value – thoughts on the end of the year

The contemplativeness of the Christmas days is traditionally followed by a review of the year. Strangely enough, we always get sentimental at the end of the year, questioning the meaning of life and thinking about what we want to do better next year.

Is this because after Christmas and before the turn of the year there is simply time to pursue such thoughts? Actually, you could question your own values all year round. Or is it because the turn of the year is a turning point? That it offers us the opportunity to start anew?

Be that as it may: Let us use the opportunity to make ourselves aware of how valuable we are!

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Why do we need values?

Values are important. They give us identity. And a guide for when we are unsure. Values help us to identify goals that we want to achieve. Or to recognize what we no longer want in our lives. But how do you get the idea to define values for yourself?

At the beginning of the year I attended a great workshop. It was entitled “How to become a brand for the job market” and was held by Susanne Theisen. Basically it was about finding the right job. However, the seminar offered much more content and the attentive listener, i.e. at least me, is still busy dealing with the heard.

Among other things, you should define your goals. A sub-item of goal definition was the question “What are my three most important values?”

My three most important values

Susanne Theisen had a variety of values with her. In the presentation there were dozens of words of value. One should choose three of them. This was easy at first, but in the end it was very difficult. Because by this determination, by choosing simple words, you not only get closer to your goals, but also to your innermost being. One recognizes where one comes from, where one is standing and where one wants to go. 



“It is not the happy people who are thankful. It is thankful people who are happy.”

Francis Bacon

Very soon it became clear to me that my most important value is gratitude. For years I have started my day by writing down three things in my diary for which I am grateful. These can be many different things, from getting enough sleep and hearing birds singing in the morning to meeting a loved one. There is always something to be grateful for. We often take things for granted for which we should be grateful for. However, if we are aware of how well we are doing, then a feeling of happiness automatically arises and the day begins in a good mood.


 “Happiness can exist only in acceptance.”

George Orwell

I also decided quite easily for the value of tolerance. I have always been a fan of peaceful coexistence and mutual acceptance, for freedom of opinions, customs and religions. My opinion is, as long as nobody gets hurt, everybody should do what he or she wants. Everyone has the right to live happily. And everyone has the right to do so as he or she sees think it is right.


“Happiness is when what you think, what you say and what you do are in harmony.”


Finding the third value was a little more difficult. In the end, I have chosen authenticity.

For me, authenticity unites so many values in one word. It means I am I, I am real. I am allowed to be as I am and as I want to be. I stand by my weaknesses and know my strengths. I am coincide with myself.

Authenticity includes for me reliability, credibility and above all freedom. This is extremely important to me. And it is very valuable. I am grateful to live in a country where I can be as I want to be. Which brings us back to first value…

Gratitude, tolerance & authenticity – lived values in the metal scene

I have noticed it several times and also mentioned it in my posts. It fascinates me again and again how grateful musicians are. Especially those in the metal scene (and yes, I have been to non-metal concerts as well…).

The fact that tolerance is lived in the scene need not be mentioned separately. Anyone who has experienced the multicultural diversity of a festival knows that everybody is welcome and everybody is accepted as he or she is.

And at a festival you meet many people who seem strange at the first sight. But that is the good thing about it: Everyone is allowed to be as he or she wants to be. Everyone can be authentic.

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We are (full) of value

Think about your three most important values. When you have found them, you have found yourself. And that is a really good start for the new year 2020.

But whatever values may be yours, one thing is certain, everybody is (full) of value!

I am already looking forward to many valuable meetings next year. And I am grateful for all the meetings with valuable people in the past year. Very grateful.

Maybe even we will meet some day! Therefore: Stay tuned!

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