Unity of Body, Mind & Soul

Find the balance. Rest in yourself at all times. Not letting anything upset you. Who wouldn’t want that?

In this blog post, I tell you how I bring my body, my mind and my soul into unity. And in doing so, I find the strength to cope with the stresses of everyday life.

Maybe you can try out one or two things and use them for yourself.

„Find and create your Power in a balanced Life.“

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In my opinion, it is very important to really move every day. The body needs movement to feel alive.

That is why I start my day with several rounds of sun salutations (and my favourite asana, the headstand). I try to go running and do some weight training regularly. If you’re not a fitness trainer or yoga teacher yourself, or at least enthusiastic about getting intensively involved with it, it’s naturally a bit more difficult here.

In this case, however, I have a few tips that anyone can follow quite easily and without previous knowledge

  • take the bike instead of the car, the bus or the train
  • go for a walk more often and enjoy nature
  • and last but not least my ultimate tip: Dance in the kitchen!

I’ve probably already mentioned it several times, but my favourite thing to do is dance with Turmion Kätilöt in the kitchen.

Just recently I listened to an interesting podcast on “Happiness Hacks” by Bahar Yilmaz. She says that the energy of the cook is transferred to the food and recommends dancing before cooking so that the food not only tastes better, but the nutrients can also develop better.

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Desire for Discovery

The mind also needs movement!

I keep my mind in motion with

  • travelling (unfortunately a bit difficult during the Corona pandemic, but I travelled to other worlds more often during that time – more about that later on)
  • reading
  • learning new things

Reading for 10 minutes every day keeps your mind busy. And if you learn something new in the process, all the better.

Unity of Body, Mind ans Soul, books
Books I am currently reading

Human beings are made to constantly develop themselves. And that doesn’t work in front of the television! You can only achieve harmony if you feed your mind. And that with good “food”.

If you are a bit short of money, get a library card from your local library and go on a trip to your neighbourhood. This can also be combined wonderfully with point 2 of movement – going for a walk and enjoying nature more often.

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Before I do my sun salutations in the morning, I breathe.

This is the most important point on how you can find unity within yourself and with yourself: Observe your breath. By observing your breath, you are completely present. And nothing brings you more into harmony, into harmony with yourself, than staying in the present.

My three recommendations on how you can do more for your soul, your relaxation

  • breathe,
  • stretch and
  • meditate

Breathe, preferably of course in the form of Pranayama, the yogic breathing exercises that can help you find your unity in many different ways. If you don’t know any of this, just observe your breath. How it flows in and lifts the abdominal wall and how it gently flows out again and lowers the abdominal wall. That alone brings you into the moment and relaxes you.

Stretch. Do it intuitively. In our daily lives we have so much stress that leads to muscle tension. All the demands of everyday life don’t allow us to stay relaxed and so there is so much residual tension in our muscles. By stretching regularly you can bring more relaxation into your life. (A unit for the neck – which is always tense in some way and also good if you have been headbanging too much – can be found here).

Unitiy of Body, Mind ans Soul, Stretch

You can find even more into yourself in meditation. I’ll explain the best way to meditate another time – STAY TUNED!

But you can already choose the right meditation asana for you.

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On the occasion of German Unification Day, Charlotte from Schwarzes Yoga, Simmi from Riot Yoga and I once again had a challenge on Instagram.

Unity of Body, Mind and Soul, Yoga Challenge

For seven days, we presented different variations of asanas (postures) that can help you on your way to the unity of body, mind and soul. And all that in different levels of difficulty – from beginner to professional.

You can find my posts summarised in a wonderful yoga lesson here. Just choose the right variation of the asana (posture) for you and find your way to the unity of body, mind & soul.

Unity of body, mind and soul



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