Training of running technique

The following exercises improve the running technique. This not only has the advantage that you can run faster, but you also run more economically, tire more slowly, and thus remain less prone to injuries.

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  • Before you start with the exercises, you should warm up briefly. If no balance training has been done before, for about 15-20 minutes. With balance training, 5-10 minutes are enough, as the structures are already well warmed up.
  • The technique exercises are performed slowly – with the exception of heel touch and skipping – and with high concentration.
  • Pause between the exercises for the same amount of time – just keep running slightly.
  • Train in two to three sets. This means that after the training has been completed, a continuing easy run is repeated for a short time before the next set begins.
  • Each exercise should be done for about 30 to 40 seconds.
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Dark Exercises Fitness Skull

Hop Run

Training of running technique : hop run

In an upright position, the hips remain extended and the gaze directed straight ahead,
push the body briefly off the floor. The arms accentuate the bounce.

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Heel Touch

Training of running technique : Heel touch

Alternate the feet to the buttocks at the highest possible frequency.
The hips tilt forward slightly. Here too, the arms are taken along in rhythm.
This exercise should be performed as quickly as possible, but still technically correct.

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Training of running technique : skipping

Pull knees alternately as high as possible and as fast as possible to the upper body.
When landing, land only on the forefoot.
The arms are pulled up tightly angled in front of the body.

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Crossing Run

Training of running technique : crossing run

While walking sideways, cross your legs alternately behind and in front of your body.
The rotation is made from the hip.
Do the crossing run once to the right and once to the left.

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Stork Walk

Training of running technique : stork walk

Walk with exaggeratedly big steps in the stork walk.
The knees are raised approximately to the hip, the arms are carried along in rhythm.

Dark Exercises Fitness Skull

I am sure that besides you, the people who see you at training of running technique – especially at the stork walk – will have fun…

Do not be put off by the fact that it feels strange at first and that the one or other exercise may also look strange. Your running technique will thank you for it.

Life is a marathon. If you have a good knowledge of different techniques, you not only run more economically and without injuries, but you also live like that. So remember to train your mindset…

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