Shavasana – Sometimes you must feel a little bit like dead to find back to live

“As a blessed day gives you a blessed sleep, a blessed life gives you a blessed death.” 

Leonardo da Vinci

Wise words

Wise words we are used of Leonardo da Vinci. Because who of us does not want to be happy? Every day, the whole life. But being happy ist not that easy. Being happy means especially: To be at peace with yourself, to be mild with yourself and contented with yourself. Yoga can help us on our quest for happiness. With yoga we can find to ourselves. Yoga tells us: Everyone is good just as he is. Especially in our, on shallowness related world, it is important to remember of our ourselves and to not get distracted by the many expectations that are on us.

Helau, Narri Narro & Kölle Alaaf

Yet, during carnival time, it is loud and extroverted. Everybody steps out of himself. Sometimes we do things we would never do during the rest of the year. And once carnival is over, there remains not just a hole in the wallet, a dull trace of hang over but also a certain feeling of dissatisfaction.

If we overdo acting in that extroverted manner, we could get a little bit lost within ourselves and we use that much energy during these crazy days that we feel empty and exhausted. That happens to me after music festivals also. The days, spent there, had been super beautiful, but arrived back home I am totally powerless. Doesn’t matter how beautiful these memories are, finding back my way to daily life becomes difficult.

By total relaxation on the way to your innermost

A Yoga position which gives back a lot of energy, is Shavasana. The corpse pose. Shavasana connects relaxation with meditation. Viewed from outside, the body you doesn’t have to do anything else then lying. The inner work is difficult though. The mind shall calm down and all tensions in body and soul shall be released. It is much more to relax muscles than the mind. For that reason Shavasana is considered as the easiest to practice but the hardest to master exercise of Yoga. By total relaxation it is possible, that the soul leaves the physical body. Just like dying. One doesn’t sense the body anymore and feels free und gently. By relaxation of body, mind and soul we can let go, relieve pressure and recognize that there i no life without death and no death without life. Shavasana gives us a deep peace, inner rest and balance.

Try it by your own. Especially now, during carneval it feels good. But also after stressful days, after trouble in job or best case as part of your daily routine (after sports or at the end of a Yoga lesson), Shavasana helps to rest within ourseves and returns energy. 

Shavasana- that´s how it works

Lay down on your back and make yourself comfortable. The legs in hip wide position, the feet feet just fall relaxed outwards. Your arms are as far positioned from the body, that armpits can “breath”. The palms point upwards. During the exercise, all limbs should be relaxed, one after another. Breath movements can be sensed but not actively controlled- a difficult undertakingThe time you should stay in Shavasana – there are different opinions. Thus, my advice: just remain as long as you are comfortable in Shavasana. Afterwards, the relaxed position will be slowly released by controlled breathing and stretching of arms and legs.

Shavasana – that´s how it affects

Pure relaxation in Shavasana calms the circulation and contributes lowering blood pressure. The immune system gets strenghtened and various processes of recovery get improved. Stress hormones are being reduced while happiness hormones are activated.

Shavasana acts preventively against hypertension, headache, stomach ache and various deseases of digestion, metabolism, colds, sleep disorders and as well as all stress related illnesses. As you can see, it pays off to relax in Shavasana. Not just for the sake of relaxation itself.

Shavasana TOP 10 Metal Songs

If you can, just like me, relax especially with music, there is a little extra for you! My TOP 10 metal songs for getting into relaxed Shavasana.

Outcome Of The Day

After releasing all the tensions we know again who we are and what we want.

Especially I – although I shouldn’t think at all – come up with my best ideas during Shavasana and very often the solution for a certain issue also.

After excessive phases there is an introverted phase required. Because sometimes you must feel a little bit like dead to find back to life.

Helau, Namaste! See you in two weeks! Stay tuned!

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