Releasing is not easy -Yin Yoga to Release

“Our Lady of the Sun
sees to us Day and Night.
Our Lady of the Moon
sees to us Night and Day.”

– Aleah Stanbrigde –
WHITE NIGHT by Amorphis

When she sang those words, she probably did not think that she would soon be this lady… The beautiful voice we hear in Amorphis White Night belongs to Aleah Stanbrigde, a woman who died much too early of cancer at the age of 39 in the year 2016.

Releasing is not easy

Releasing is not easy. Whether it is a sudden death, a separation from a longtime partner, or the letting go of an adult child.

Releasing is coupled with sadness and with inner reflection. With the acceptance of the mostly negative feelings and with the realization that everything that happens and how it happens has a reason. That everything is as it should be. Even if it hurts in the first moment – unfortunately often many moments afterwards.

Releasing is processing

Releasing is only possible if we process what we let go of.

Just like Juha Raivio, Aleah Stanbrigde’s partner, did. He created a beautiful memory of her from her estate, from texts, music and song fragments she left. The album “No Stars upon the Bridge” by Hallatar.

“And something did arrive out of the darkness, and I wrote the music for the Hallatar album in a week’s time. I don’t have much memory of this week, not a memory of a single day of writing the music. But all I remember when going into this abyss of the writing process was a promise to myself that whatever music would come out, I would not touch or change anything of it afterwards.”

– Juha Raivio –

Hallatar, besides Juha Raivio these are the Amorphis singer Tomi Joutsen and the former HIM drummer Gas Lipstick. The female voice belongs to Heike Langhans, the singer of the Swedish band Draconian.

Yin Yoga to Release - Hallatar

With songs from Hallatar and with songs that Aleah Stanbrigde sang herself on “Hour of the Nightingale” by Trees of Eternity, my new Yin Yoga Flow “Yin Yoga to Release” is formed. “Yin Yoga to Release” is a sequence of relaxing postures that help you to let go. Previous knowledge of Yoga is not required.

Release with Yin Yoga

According to my feelings I first chose the playlist and then the asanas (exercises). Only on closer look I noticed that explicitly two of the asanas contribute to the releasing and overcoming of grief. Which once again tells me: There are no coincidences!

Yin Yoga to Release "Melting heart" - a heart opener in mourning and tribulation
“Melting heart” – a heart opener in mourning and tribulation

So I think we should trust that everything that happens has a deeper meaning. Sad as it may be sometimes…

“Wisdom flows through mystery”

– Aleah Stanbrigde –
WHITE NIGHT by Amorphis

And here is the relaxing Yoga Flow “Yin Yoga to Release”.

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