Rauhnächte – Incense, Runes, Yin Yoga

In January this year I wrote about the magic of the Rauhnächte, ancient rituals that go back to Germanic and Celtic customs. 

The Rauhnacht Rituals already made a lasting impression on me last year. Throughout the year, I always took my notes at the end of the month. And every month I was surprised anew at how fittingly and coherently the notes corresponded with the happenings.

This year I will live the Rauhnächte even more intensively. With the support of Yin Yoga asanas and with the help of the runes. I like to share this with you.

(Click here for the EXERCISES Magic of the Rauhnächte – Yin Yoga & Runes).

Rauhnächte - Incense, Runes, Yin Yoga - Catstail
Yin Yoga & Runes make the Rauhnächte even more intense

During my last Rauhnächte I was particularly taken with the possibility of giving my wishes to the universe and then having them fulfilled.

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May all your Wishes come true – the magic Ritual of the 13 Wishes

One of the Rauhnacht Rituals is to give your heart’s desires to the universe.

To do this, write your 13 heartfelt wishes on small pieces of paper.

Make sure that you formulate the wishes in such a way that it sounds as if they have already been fulfilled. Also, make sure that the wish is positive and only concerns you.

Fold these pieces of paper together so that you can no longer see which wish is on which piece of paper. Mix the slips of paper well.

During the Rauhnächte, you take a piece of paper every evening and burn it. By burning it, you give the wish to the universe with the request to fulfil it for you.

Rauhnächte - Incense, Runes, Yin Yoga - Burn your wishes

The 13th piece of paper is the wish that destiny has given you – you have to fulfil the 13th wish yourself.

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My 13th Wish

My 13th wish was a bit tricky. And I think the universe helped a bit because it saw that I couldn’t do it alone….

It was

∞ I have time for breaks and relaxation ∞

Rauhnächte - Incense, Runes, Yin Yoga - My 13th wish
My 13th wish – very challenging for me….

Actually, I have tried very hard to fulfil this wish. But as it happens, as an employee, freelance yoga teacher and mother of three children, who also wants to bring a little light to the world – there are simply not enough hours in the day!

It was probably not enough relaxation that I allowed myself and so I had three unforeseen occurrences that forced me to take breaks.

If you follow my Instagram / Facebook account, you know that I first had to give up an organ, then cut my finger so badly that I was ill even longer than after the operation and then cracked my ribs.

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The Fulfilment of the twelve other Wishes

When I draw a balance now, at the end of the year, I have to say: Actually, all my wishes were fulfilled.

Actually. Because the universe probably interpreted them a little differently than I did. Or did its utmost to make my heart’s desires come true in these rather complicated times.

I am visiting a Metal Festival

For example, one of my wishes was

I am visiting a Metal Festival

The universe really had a hard time fulfilling this wish. And although I actually made it to three real concerts (LIVE!), the metal festival I had imagined was not among them.

Seegugger Festival

But instead I had my very own festival.

Because, if you look at it more closely, it is the energy that you feel that brings the desired fulfilment.

And so I was happy to experience wonderful festival days with lots of good metal music, lots of sunshine and lots of beer with my best friend who visited me in the summer.

Rauhnächte - Incense, Runes, Yin Yoga - Festival beer
…a ♥ big thank you to my favourite friend who made it all possible….

The festival ribbon he made me for my birthday shows that he also enjoyed our festival – even though the music only came from the tape.

Rauhnächte - Incense, Runes, Yin Yoga - Festival ribbon
Seegguger Festival ribbon

By the way, we have improved our festival a bit and turned it into a Metal Yoga Festival.

If the live bands hadn’t been missing, it would have been even better than a real festival!

Some of my Rauhnacht wishes came true just as I had written them down.

Other wishes, on the contrary, first seemed to come true, only to stagnate again…

dark exercises fitness metal yoga skull

My Conclusion

⌘ I may still have to work on the formulation of my wishes.

⌘ Or I simply trust divine timing and exercise patience. Alternatively, I gratefully accept the fulfilment, even if it is granted in a different way.

⌘ In the end, however, it doesn’t really matter. Because the Rauhnächte are not meant for making wishes come true.

⌘ Rather, you have the opportunity to recognise yourself, your dreams and your visions. You can learn a lot about yourself and, if you are conscious and keep all your senses open, also about your coming year.

The Rauhnächte are magical. You can support this magic with the appropriate runes and relaxing Yin Yoga asanas. Through the holding exercises you can arrive even more at yourself and find yourself. (Click here for the EXERCISES)

dark exercises fitness metal yoga skull

I wish that you too can feel a lot of magic in the days “between the years”.

I wish you to find yourself, your heart’s desires and your visions with this magic.

And of course I wish that all your wishes and visions come true.

Namasté, Om Nama Shivaya & STAY TUNED

Sabine aka Kālīpriyā
Sabine aka Kālīpriyā

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