An ice a day and the muscle swells away – protein ice cream test

Eating ice cream on hot days and doing something to gain muscles? Or, after the work out, you provide muscles with repair material in form of a creamy and tasty cooling of the palate? That’s possible. With protein ice cream!

There’s nothing that doesn’t exist. I discovered the protein ice FROZEN POWER at the ISPO Munich (where ice was more likely to be found outdoors) or respectively when I was browsing through the ISPO exhibitor catalogue. And I immediately thought what a great idea it was to pack valuable proteins into something that everyone likes: Ice cream.

Unfortunately, it is not so easy to get the protein ice cream in Germany around the corner. So, my protein ice cream check had to wait until I went on holiday into beautiful Austria. In a local supermarket I noticed that there is not only protein ice from FROZEN POWER available, but also from other manufacturers. Therefore, I decided to buy a sample of everyone. And here it is…

My protein ice cream test

The tested ice creams

(in alphabetical order)


  • producer: Leone
  • kcal per 100 g: 191 kcal
  • thereof sugar: 2,2 g
  • thereof fat: 10 g
  • thereof salt: 0,30 g
  • protein content: 33 g per cup (500 g cup)


  • producer: Breyers Delights
  • kcal per 100 g: 128 kcal
  • thereof sugar: 10 g
  • thereof fat: 2,5 g
  • thereof salt: 0,47 g
  • protein content: 20 g per tup (500 g)


  • producer: Frozen Power
  • kcal per 100 g: 133 kcal
  • thereof sugar: no sugar added
  • thereof fat: 4,5 g
  • thereof salt: 0,42 g
  • protein content: 20 g pro 210 ml, here about 48 g per cup


  • producer: Pro Delight
  • kcal per 100 g: 161 kcal
  • thereof sugar: 7,7 g
  • thereof fat: 2,5 g
  • thereof salt: 0,13 g
  • protein content: no specification

The test – taste, consistency & look


Wow, that tastes like Snickers! I like Snickers so much anyway. I’ll give a bonus here. The ice cream has different layers, one of those is chocolate. It cracks cool while eating. The different layers also make eating ice cream surprisingly interesting. Unfortunately, the AL!VE CHOCO PEANUT is not completely sugar-free, only “low sugar”. The design of the packaging makes a less valuable impression on me. That’s a pity, because the ice cream tastes really good. Fortunately I started the test, otherwise I probably wouldn’t have bought it and wouldn’t have discovered this delicious type of protein ice cream. 


The BREYERS DELIGHTS SALTED CARAMEL CAKE has the best consistency of all test varieties. Very creamy. And it also tastes very, very delicious. However, one could have omitted the added cake pieces because of me. It is good that the salt is not too dominating. Here, too, sugar is not completely dispensed with, but only “low sugar” is used. The ice box looks very cool. Black is my favourite colour in any case. Almost full score, with a small deduction for the unnecessary pieces of cake.


The FROZEN POWER NOUGAT ICE CREAM is very substantial. But it may also be due to the nougat variety. A little too much for me. Also the consistency is quite firm. Somehow the attribute “male” comes to mind. But the FROZEN POWER NOUGAT ICE CREAM is completely without sugar. And it has the most beautiful design. Without knowing the taste, I would have decided in any case for this protein ice cream in the supermarket.


The first thought is the taste of cinnamon chewing gum. This is very positive. Because I think cinnamon chewing gum is really delicious. The second thought is “I want to live with a cinnamon girl, I could be happy the rest of my life with her…” in combination with “My girlfriends girlfriend…”. And already I have two earwigs! This is also very positive, because I like TYPE O NEGATIVE very much.

But back to the ice cream: The LADY CINNAMON TOFFEE CINNAMON PROTEIN ICE CREAM tastes pleasantly sweet, not too sweet and reminds a bit of Christmas. However, I could have done without the solid ingredients (cashew kernel pieces) here as well. Although relatively little overall, sugar and sweeteners are contained in the ice cream. And: I find the design quite strange. I can’t associate that with fitness at all.

My protein ice cream conclusion

All types of ice cream are nevertheless very tasty, although the fat in the protein ice cream is quite reduced. On the positive side, all protein ice cream varieties are less sweet than normal ice cream. A better choice for me in any case, because I don’t like it sweet as sugar.

In my opinion the AL!VE CHOCO PEANUT and the BREYERS DELIGHTS SALTED CARAMEL CAKE are the most delicious ice creams. Which, admittedly, depends most of all on my preferred tastes.

The FROZEN POWER NOUGAT ICE CREAM and the BREYERS DELIGHTS SALTED CARAMEL CAKE definitely had the best look. In general the design is very appealing and also a reference to fitness can be made very well.

I had the coolest association with LADY CINNAMON – TOFFEE-CINNAMON-PROTEIN-ICE-CREAM. Which connection is cooler than the one of delicious ice cream with doom metal?

As a conclusion, I can say that protein ice cream is more than a good alternative to normal ice cream. If I had included normal ice cream in the sample and blindfolded it, I would not have been able to determine which ice cream was protein ice cream.

I found the ice bars from FROZEN POWER the coolest. If you’re wondering now – absolutely right: I didn’t introduce them here at all. I have decided to test the different ice bars separately, because I already found the one variety so incredibly tasty. And I’m going back to Austria soon. Namely to the Nova Rock Festival. And before banging I will test the ice bars. I’m really looking forward to it: The Nova Rock Festival and testing the ice bars!

Until then: Keep on banging – and keep on ice licking! Whatever ice cream is eaten!

PS: And as always with my tests: My criterias are very subjective and so is my taste. Just you are invited to test the ice cream yourself and let me know your own opinion. My contributions should only be an incentive to try the unknown…

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