“Mein Herz brennt” – Magic of the “Rauhnächte”

The Rauhnächte – ancient rituals that go back to Germanic and Celtic customs. Days and nights in which time seems to stand still. Made for inner contemplation, releasing and a new beginning.

The Rauhnächte are practised from 24 December of one year to 6 January of the following year. They probably get their name from the old German word “rouch”, which means to burn incense. So the name means night in which incensing takes place.

In order to get a clear view inside, it is necessary to lift the veil. During the Rauhnächte, the nights of incense, the veil to the spiritual world is especially thin. Once the smoke from the incense has cleared, the vision is pure. All senses are open and we are allowed to recognise what really matters to us, what our past was and what our future will be.

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Divination, Oracle and Second Sight

„Nun liebe Kinder gebt fein Acht,
ich bin die Stimme aus dem Kissen,
ich hab‘ euch etwas mitgebracht…“


It is said that what happens during the Rauhnächte is what will happen to us in the coming year. Each night represents a month. And I can tell you, it is only the beginning of January, but the first prophecies have already come to me. Unbelievable…

During the Rauhnächte, attention is paid to all kinds of things. The weather, the mood, people we meet, our intentions, special events and above all our dreams.

"Mein Herz brennt" - magic of the "Rauhnächte"
A good way to note down the occurrences of the Rauhnächte is to write them down in a Rauhnachts-Workbook *

Dream Moments…

„Sie kommen zu euch in der Nacht
und stehlen eure kleinen heißen Tränen“


Dreams are very important during the Rauhnächte.

On the one hand, the dreams we dream during the night. Messages from our subconscious. Sometimes nightmares that confront us with all unresolved issues. Primarily during the nights, which stand for the past, for releasing.

…and Visions

„Warten bis der Mond erwacht“


On the other hand, daydreaming, dealing with our dreams and desires, takes us much further in this magical time. Especially in the second half of the period of the Rauhnächte, when you are allowed to recognise your vision.

∞ Magic Ritual of the 13 Wishes ∞

There are many different wish rituals that you can practise. I think the ritual of the 13 wishes is wonderful. In the preparation for the Rauhnächte, you write down 13 wishes. The pieces of paper are folded in such a way that you cannot see which wish is on which piece of paper. On each night of the Rauhnacht, one of the pieces of paper is burnt. In this way, one hands over one’s wish to a higher power and asks for the wish to be fulfilled. At the end, one piece of paper remains. You are responsible for the fulfilment of the 13th wish by yourself. Therefore, one should be very careful with one’s wishes – because each of the 13 wishes could become the wish that one has to fulfil oneself.

"Mein Herz brennt" - magic of the "Rauhnächte"
My wish burns
My wish burns…. magic ritual of the 13 wishes

I was extremely excited to see which was my remaining wish that I was allowed to unfold on the night of January the 6th. In fact, I did not do too badly at all. I had several wishes that would not have been quite so easy to fulfil and one wish that I would have preferred to fulfil myself. None of these wishes remained.

My 13th wish, which I am responsible for fulfilling myself in 2021, is:

∞ I have time for breaks and relaxation ∞

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But before you know your 13th wish, there is a lot to do.

Because, in order to be able to engage with your wishes and dreams for the coming year, you first have to release the old. You have to look back, accept, dissolve and transform. This is what the first days of the Rauhnächte stand for.

The Wild Hunt of Odin

„Sie kommen zu euch in der Nacht,
Dämonen, Geister, schwarze Feen”


Dissolving and releasing is not always easy. You have to face your inner self. And there you often encounter demons, ghosts and black fairies. At least I do.

On the nights when the topic is “dissolving”, it is stormy at my place. The wind rages, the shutters rattle and all sorts of things are whirled through the air outside. But not only outside. I often wake up and feel as if Odin’s Wild Hunt is riding right through my bedroom. Agitated, restless, confused.

And that is necessary. Because so that things to recompose themselvses, it is important that everything is first swirled up from the surface.

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New Beginning

The new year also marks the beginning of the new. The old has been released, transformed or wants to be taken into the new year. Everything is possible. Yet everything is good the way it is.

„Ich hab‘ euch etwas mitgebracht,
ein heller Schein an Firmament“


And then comes the breakthrough. Indeed, the questions to be answered in the days of the new year have the power to open up a whole new path.

"Mein Herz brennt" - magic of the "Rauhnächte"
Working with the  Rauhnachts-Workbook *

Working with the Rauhnachts-Workbook * was not the only thing that supported me.

A few other people helped me to make my own breakthrough. Among others, two online seminars. I would like to highly recommend the seminars, or rather the people behind them, to you. As different as the two seminars were, they both have the power to create a “bright light in the firmament”.

Mindful Social Media Marketing

One of them was Bianca Fritz. I booked the Intensive Social Media Coaching for Yoga Teachers with her. And it was very intensive. It brought me so much further, because Bianca Fritz not only provided a lot of input, but also demanded a lot of output. She also wrote a book on the topic of Mindful Social Media Marketing *. Because it is still in the mail, I have not read it myself yet, but I am sure that it will help me on my way.

Norse Shamanism

On the other side, the basic online seminar “Norse Shamanism” by Tunritha, the school for European shamanism, has brought me incredibly further. I have been studying Norse shamanism for a few months now and am absolutely thrilled with this training. Various experiences I had during the Rauhnächte opened up a whole new path for me. A kind of new beginning also in the spiritual world.

"Mein Herz brennt" - magic of the "Rauhnächte"
Norse shamanism has more in common with yoga than you might think...
Norse shamanism has more in common with yoga than you might think…

It could be said that the combination of everything that I experienced during my Rauhnächte made my vision, my goal in life, clear to me.

A new beginning on some levels. But also the retention of many aspects of life that at first glance seemed incompatible, yet it is precisely this combination that makes me who I am. Me, my work, my impact and what I want to give back to this world.

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The Magic of the Rauhnächte

„Mein Herz brennt“


Once you have realised why you are in this world, then your heart can only burn.

For me, some of them were surprising insights. But sometimes they were just the last sparks I needed to light my fire so that it could warm others.

My first step will be to fulfil one of my heart’s desires. Namely to help others to discover their power within themselves and to express this power. Others, in this case, will primarily be other metalheads. And the nature of my help will be to offer my accompaniment in the experience of my own yoga practice.

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My Heart burns!

My heart burns for yoga and for metal music. This combination is for me

Kālī Yoga

Kālī Yoga will be available online via Zoom from February 2021 in the form of Hatha Yoga or Yin Yoga. These online yoga classes will always be soundtracked by metal music. All so I can make your heart burn!

If you are curious and/or have no idea who or what Kālī or yoga is, then…

STAY TUNED – more to come soon!

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