Love at the third glance – the fitness studio & me

Our love is still pretty young. We met in Berlin. Re-meet in Cologne and really fell in love with each other in Au am Rhein. Since then we have been an inseparable couple: The gym and me.

How we got to know each other

I was visiting my brother and he took me to the chic big gym where he trains. Or means to train. Because you don’t get a real training schedule there. You could probably ask someone, but unfortunately you can’t find anyone (competent) there. The gym is equipped with everything an athlete’s heart desires. Everything is very stylish and the music is hip. 

But it’s like real life. At first sight the dream man and when you look behind the facade… No, I didn’t want to have a second date back then.

The reunion

We met again in Cologne. As part of my education at the German Sports Academy I had to attend a seminar to obtain the basic license.

Of course, it was not as cool and sexy as in Berlin (of course, nobody can compete with the capital). But there was much more behind the scenes. There were coaches who were ready to answer questions, give tips and motivate the participants. That’s how it should be.

Individual training schedules are standard at the studio Injoy in Köln-Wahn. I have been able to observe various anamnesis conversations and device instructions. Not for nothing is this fitness studio awarded several times. Which is probably also reflected in the prices. Because the day ticket there costs as much as the monthly fee in the Berlin studio.

In front of INJOY Köln
Exam passed!

Nevertheless, it was more a date to my taste. With high class. But first of all, not close to my home and secondly not permanently suitable for my wallet. More just like a one-night stand…

The search for a groom

One of my exams consisted in part of mastering the machines in the gym (which makes sense as a sports and fitness trainer). So I had to get used to not only training with my body weight and small equipment at home, but also to “search for a groom” to find a suitable partner.

In the end I decided for the small gym in the neighbourhood because of logistical aspects. Ten bike minutes away from me. 

So we could see each other more often…

My first real time

Hell, I was excited! I had already heard a lot about my chosen one (gym). Amongst other things, that the owner aka trainer likes to talk much. Would I want that? I talk a lot myself.

Then came the day of our first date: the trial training. It was not according to my tutorial book. But that wasn’t even necessary. Because a trained eye and a nice conversation can more than well replace the anamnesis sheet. And what should I say? I was in love. The studio was partly already middle aged and my trainer rather more set age, but nevertheless both on the newest conditions, top fit and really more than well in shape. I was incredibly enthusiastic about the knowledge of my trainer, his pun and his charm. Immediately I knew that it was something very special…

Fitness studio Vitalis
… with my new love : Till & me …

I went home with the contract under my arm. And I didn’t conclude it with a minimum term of half a year, as I had originally planned. I signed the contract forever, just like in a happy marriage.

A more than happy love

I have benefited incredibly from this connection. In the only six weeks I had to prepare for the B-licence exam at Vitalis in the tranquil Au am Rhein, I really learned a lot. So much, that only with the knowledge of my study papers, the corresponding seminar and the good instructions of my trainer in the few weeks I managed to reach the full score in the examination of the fitness machine. Unfortunately, the exam did not go so well in the sector of free exercises. There are so many different possibilities and variations that I could not deal with all of them in the short time. 

Training biceps curls
… the love and the muscles grow …

It’s like real life: Love must be given time, it has to grow and develop. 

Until death parts us

So I guess I’ll stay in the gym till death parts us. I would have thought that least myself. Actually, I had planned to only enter into a relationship in preparation for the B-license. Now it has become a mutual and constant love.

But as is so often the case in life: Love is always good for a surprise!

In this way – stay tuned!

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