Life is a Marathon

Anyone can run, but only a few can run properly

In the current situation, running is one of the sports that can and may still be done despite social distancing and closed fitness studios. Never before I have met so many people on my running laps as in the last few weeks. According to the motto: Out into nature and off you go.

This raises the question: Is the way the goal or does only the one who knows the own goal find the way?

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The right way

“Only those who know their destination will find the way.”

Lao Tsu

There are several ways to approach running. Either I run for the sake of running, just to move a little. Or I train with the goal of becoming better.

Likewise, there are several ways to approach life. Either I just live my life or I have a goal that I want to achieve in my life.

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Running for the sake of running

I have been running like this for years. I had three tracks. A small one with 5 km, a medium one with 7.5 km and a big one with 10 km. Depending on how much time I had at my disposal, my choice of route was made. That was it, my whole “training plan”.

It was the same with my life. House, kids, job. Everything important in a “normal” life obviously achieved. Life planning completed. But is that really enough?

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Running & life goals

During my education as a cardio trainer at the Deutsche Sportakademie I had to work out a training plan in my final thesis.

That was when I realized that my running was only a sporting activity, as it neither had a goal nor was it structured and certainly did not consider any training principles.

I already knew a little bit about it, at least I had the choice between the continuous and interval method on the small course. But basically I was just running for the sake of running – and I was actually quite happy with it.

Running makes happy
Running makes happy

It was almost the same with my life. Although it was structured and organized down to the smallest detail, it contained no goals for a long time. I regularly ignored the training/life principle of “progressive load increase”. Not to mention the training principle of “optimal design of load and recovery”. In contrast to running training, I was not at all happy about this point.

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Running training & life planning

“A goal without a plan is just a wish.”

Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

To be able to work out a plan, you have to define a goal. Not such an easy task for me to accomplish in the cardio trainer case. My running had been more of a meditative experience. As a training goal for the cardio final thesis I spontaneously decided to prepare for a half marathon and for myself…

I set my life goals one evening during one of my trips, which I consciously take alone to become clear about different things. What I want to have achieved and when in my life. And what I need to achieve them. It had been a wonderful evening full of visions.

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Planning implementation

Of course I wanted to implement the running training plan I had worked out for my final thesis in cardio training myself. Unfortunately, however, it is the case that I always take on too much and due to my family, professional and educational load I did not manage to do the training sessions at all.

On the other hand, I think I have been very successful in following my life plan. Even if not everything always goes according to my agenda, I still make steady progress.

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And then the Black Swan came. My three children were permanently at home for weeks and it was all over with the planned running training in preparation for a half marathon.

The Black Swan: Not just a yoga posture, but also a term for a drastic and unlikely event - like the corona pandemic
The Black Swan: Not just a yoga posture, but also a term for a drastic and unlikely event – like the corona pandemic

One goal of my life planning, the training as a Hatha Yoga teacher at Yoga Vidya, unfortunately also failed due to the social distancing measures. Which in turn brought me down into a deep hole.

Until a good spirit whispered to me that there are detours to reach my goals. And right at the first research I actually found another way – an online training to become a Yin Yoga teacher, which I am currently participating in.

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And I have to say, it is good as it is. Detours can be shortcuts. Or lead to a reorientation of goals.

That is how I came to the conclusion that I do not have to run a half-marathon. My goal was simply wrong. I love running, but I do not need to put pressure on myself. My way of running is just to run. I love the continuous method of running at one pace until the flow starts. Then it feels as if I am not running at all. My body does run, but I am so absorbed in my thoughts that it is more relaxing than exhausting. And that is the state in which I have many ideas, make decisions or solve problems.

Everything that is to come, comes at the time it is supposed to come anyway. My yoga career also follows the right path. Yin Yoga fits so perfectly into this momentary situation: enduring, observing, being passive, waiting – and still doing something. Actively shaping the training plan and life plan, doing something for health and personal development. But also here – without pressure. You should transfer this into your life. A state without pressure, in which you have many ideas, can make relaxed decisions and solve problems calmly.

Also a marathon : education, here yin yoga teacher training
My training mindmaps…
Yin Yoga fits perfectly into the current situation
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Anyone can run, but only a few can run properly

Training of running technique

Of course I also took something from my final thesis with me into my running training. For example, I regularly train the running technique.

Training of the running technique : hop run
Training of the running technique : hop run

You could see what exercises I do in the Instagram video last week. A detailed description and photos can be found here.


In addition to the training of running technique, I regularly train the ankles. Exercises on an instable surface improve the passive structures and thus contribute to a reduction of the risk of injury.

Life is a marathon : Training on the Balance Pad
Training on the Balance Pad

If you want to have a look at my exercises, click here.

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Anyone can live, but only a few can live properly

My conclusion

Life is not a sprint – it is a marathon! Training and also life goals can only be achieved with stamina, patience and perseverance.

In running as in life: Everything is a question of priority and goal setting.

In both areas, one should never disregard the training principle of the optimal design of load and recovery. Because whether half marathon, yoga training or whatever – only rested and fit are you capable of top performance.

Detours can sometimes turn out to be shortcuts. Or vice versa. But everything is good as it is. All ways lead to the goal.

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Anyone can just run. And anyone can just live. It is up to us to decide how we want to do things. Important is that we consciously decide for it. There is no right or wrong. There is only satisfied or dissatisfied and therefore happy or unhappy.

And if you are satisfied with me – stay tuned! See you soon!

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