Kālī – Transformation out of Love

Kālī – the female aspect of the Hindu god Shiva. Both represent destruction. But also transformation. Kālī is not without controversy. Sometimes she is even completely ignored. But she does not deserve that, because no one loves more passionately than she does.

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The black Goddess

“Mother Kālī, Kālī Maa
Oh Lover darkly”


Kālī, the black one. The goddess of death, destruction but also of renewal. She rules over time and space. Kālī stands for the sacred cycle of life, for nature. Although she is described as passionate, unbridled and relentless, she is also a kind and loving mother who protects mankind.

As one of the few goddesses, she can even fulfil man’s wishes.

Nevertheless, she is portrayed as a dark, evil and bloodthirsty beast.

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Whom she does not eat, she dances to Death

„Dancing fill the living Skies
with the Madness in those Eyes

Drunk of Blood and Slaughter
Apocalyse´s Daughter“


In the traditions, Kālī is responsible for the demons. She simply eats them up. And then she dances on their dead bodies. Even on Shiva, the goddess’ husband. She dances him almost to death in her ecstasy.

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Kālī’s energy cannot be controlled. It is unbridled, passionate and boundless.

But at the same time full of love and mercy. For her destructive rage is not directed against humans. But against the (inner) demons and against the injustice in this world.

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The compassionate Mother – Kālī’s other Side

„Demon Lords abhor you
for the Creature that you are

The Totality of Nature“


On the other hand, Kālī is also compassionate, motherly and gracious. Her transformative power embodies the cycle of nature. The trinity of past, present and future. Thus, she is considered the primordial mother of all triune goddesses and even the Norns are said to have their origin in her.

Kālī is the end and the beginning of all things.

Kali tattoo alku on lop the end is the beginning
Even before I was allowed to get to know Kālī, her sense got under my skin…
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Unbridled Passion

„Goddess Depravity come unbridled unto Mother Kālī

Uplit by Fire, monstrous with Desire“


Kālī is the source of all love. Especially the passionate love. Unlimited love beyond all conventions.

Intense sexuality is seen in her, unbridled desire. In a Hindu temple, Kālī’s vulva is actually worshipped. Her devotees touch her there with a moistened finger. It is said that many of these Kālī representations are deeply caved in as a result.

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The misunderstood Goddess

„Give up your Secret, the worlds you’ve burnt to keep it“


But Kālī lovingly accepts this and so much more. She does not care that plenty of evil is projected onto her. She is not looking for appreciation.

And even though she is often portrayed dancing wildly, she rests in absolute harmony within herself. Like nature – which on the one hand consists of destructive storms, but also of the deep peace that can only be found there.

NATARAJASANA The dancer helps to stay focused and balanced in the storms of life. Just as Kālī shows us.
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Temper dead Endeavors and put down your vicious Swords“


Kālī – the symbol for rigorous change. She is the destroyer of all negative energies and also the destroyer of our own limitations.

put down your vicious Swords

Her wish is that we grow. And we can only grow if we face our fears. The fears that in most cases are caused by our own inner demons. But those who know their demons, who face them, can gain power over them. Like Kālī: in her hands she holds a cut-off head whose blood drips into a bowl. She drinks this blood. The blood of her enemies – the blood of her inner demons.

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Beloved by Kālī

One with God
Bliss regained Beauty untamed
sighs untie the Knots of Time“


As is the same with all gods, Kālī only represents aspects. Aspects that are more or less hidden in each of us. And sometimes break out. Like Kālī when she dances the passionate dance of life or death on Shiva – however you want to interpret it.

I am really very proud that Kālī has chosen me. I thought long and hard about whether I should accept her offer. But do you really have a choice? (You can read the story here…)

Sometimes it is not easy. Transformation takes a lot of power. But I can fully identify with Kālī – in all aspects, really. I feel extremely honoured to be loved by her. Because that is what my spiritual name means, which could not be more fitting: Kālīpriyā, the one who loves Kālī and is loved by Kālī.

कालीप्रिया Kālīpriyā, the one who loves Kālī and is loved by Kālī.
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Power for Transformation

The power spent on transformation is twice as useful. Because Kālī’s motto is

“Heal yourself and you heal the world!”

Kālī, the loving black Goddess

In this way, everything you do for yourself is also a great service to the world. In today’s times, this is more important than ever.

What helps me in my healing is always inner contemplation, reflection and meditation. And of course physical exercise – in the most diverse forms…

I would like to share one of them with you. In honour of my beloved goddess, there is Kālī-Yoga with me. You can read more about it here.

And until we see each other in face-to-face – STAY TUNED! You are welcome to join me on Facebook or Instagram.

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ॐ Jai Mata Ki ॐ

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