Increase your stamina with Stam1na

Stamina means physical endurance. What would be more obvious than to design a stamina training with Stam1na songs. A training of running endurance to energetic Finnish Trash Metal. And afterwards there is “Taival-Yoga” to relax the tired limbs. But before the success the gods have set sweat. In this case no problem either. Because the rousing songs give us the needed energy.

Endurance training

“What exactly is endurance training?” those of you who are not yet so sporty may ask.

The term endurance subsumes the ability to resist fatigue, to last longer against fatigue, and the ability to regenerate, and to recover quickly after intensive and long-lasting efforts.

Through routine endurance training, the body learns to regenerate faster. Because I am a big fan of yoga and stretching, of course I do a yoga session after running, which again has a positive influence on regeneration. And because it fits so well, needless to say, also with Stam1na songs. The photo sequence and the songs for “Taival-Yoga”. I’m gonna post in the next blog.

We train our endurance with a powerful interval run. Wonderfully suitable also for training beginners.

Running shoes after an interval run
…and this is what your shoes will look like once you’ve done a few runs…

Only benefits

Such an interval training is not only fun, but has also many positive effects on the health. The risk of a heart attack, blood fat values and also the body fat percentage decrease and the general performance increases. In addition, regular running improves the immune system and reduces the release of stress hormones. If we also listen to songs we love, endorphins are also released. So what are you waiting for? Tie your running shoes!

I’ll explain the interval training in detail afterwards. But I would like to send it to you in advance: You don’t have to memorize it. Because the Stam1na interval training is controlled by the songs. You just have to listen and your legs will run all by themselves at the right speed. Add a pinch of body feeling and you’ll automatically be at the right pulse rates.

The interval training

Interval training is characterized by a repeated systematic alternation of relatively short periods of exercising and recovering.

The recovery phases are used only for “incomplete recovery”. This means that the break only lasts until the heart rate is between 60% and 65% of the maximum heart rate. We are working with a slow and constantly increasing fatigue.

The heart rate may then increase during the stress phases. Depending on the training goal to different percentage values. In order to train endurance performance, you should train in a range from 75% to 85% of the maximum heart rate. Beginners tend to stick to the lower value or stay in the range of 65% to 75% to first create the basis for endurance improvement.

If you’re already dizzy about all the information, skip the next paragraph and check out the cool songs.

If you want to know more about the maximum heart rate, you can read it here…

The heart rate

The heart rate helps to determine the optimal load in endurance training. It is an indicator of the amount of physical exertion.

For all training goals there is a percentage range of the maximum heart rate in which training is required. This is the only way to achieve the training goal. Of course, you first have to know the maximum heart rate. The rule of thumb is:

Maximum heart rate = 220 minus age

I’m an old girl, 40 years old. But for that I have it pretty easy to calculate (also good when you get older). Namely 220 – 40. That results in a calculated maximum heart rate of 180 bpm.

From this it can now be deduced that my pause should take place in a range of 108 bpm – 117 bpm. And I train my endurance best in a heart rate range between 135 bpm and 153 bpm.

But as I said before. You don’t necessarily have to memorize that. Especially not if you don’t have a heart rate monitor that shows you the values. Trust your body and the music!

The songs

HYVÄÄ YÖTA warms us up. Even if the title (Good Night) doesn’t fit now, the rhythm does. If you are familiar with your heart rate and have a heart rate monitor, then run at 60% – 65% of the maximum heart rate.

SOLAR heralds the first exercise phase. The song lasts 3:55 minutes, so don’t power out right at the beginning. There will also be a few more phases of exertion. With heart rate measurement you can run in the range of 65% to 85% of the maximum heart rate. Depending on your own fitness level or adapted to the corresponding daily shape.

KOLMEN MINUUTIN HILJAISUUS – Three minutes of silence. Our returning recovery phase song. During the “incomplete break”, the heart rate may drop to 60% to 65% of the maximum heart rate. For those who listen to their body feeling: As long as you think you are just ready for the next strain. Beginners please insert a walking round during the recovery phase song.

PALA PALALTA piece by piece we feel our way forward in our program. And even after the second loading phase, we are still surrounded by…

KOLMEN MINUUTIN HILJAISUUS …three minutes of silence (recovery phase).

LÄÄKE “Sport is the best medicine, and this without any side effects” is the quote from Sascha Akmann, the referent of my last attendance phase on basics in cardio training. In this sense, we fight our way through the third load, before we again…

KOLMEN MINUUTIN HILJAISUUS …earn three minutes of silence.

KUOLIAAKSI RUOSKITUT HEVOSET In the last phase of exercise we run like horses who are afraid of being beaten to death (Anyone who thinks I’m crazy should practice some Finnish, then you’ll understand what I mean). Fortunately this song is with 3:48 minutes the shortest load phase. To the beautifully quiet…

KAJO …we are allowed to run out slowly. And be proud that we have 30 minutes of interval running training behind us.

As I have already explained, the break should be incomplete. So, if you have a heart rate monitor, keep an eye on it. With me the song lengths fit approximately. Just listen to your body!

The distance of the run varies depending on the stride length, terrain condition and running speed. I run this 30 minute interval training about 4,7 kilometers (depending on internal and external circumstances) through the beautiful forests of the river Rhine.

stamina training - interval run

Best comes last

After we’ve trained our endurance to such energetic songs, you shouldn’t forget the cool down to lower the cardiovascular system. For me, as a Yoga fan, it is optimally designed with a few Asanas (Yoga exercises). More about that in the next blogpost. Therefore…

…stay tuned!

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