Ice Age 2.0 – Ice Bar Test

With the current weather we are far away from an ice age. And on Nova Rock Festival a few weeks ago it was so hot that any ice would have melted. I was lucky enough to have not only a bed and a shower, but also a freezer in my rented room. So it took place there – my ice bar test.

The Discovery

While testing protein ice cream, I discovered them: These delicious little ice bars. Covered in crunchy chocolate, tenderly melting ice cream bedded on a delicious biscuit base.

Unfortunately it was not possible to buy the fine ice bars near me in the supermarket. Therefore my test had to wait until I travelled to beautiful Austria again – to Nova Rock Festival.

A short trip to the Nova Rock Festival

Right off you can read more about this sweet treat. But I have to tell you briefly about my audio-visual pleasure in Austria. The Nova Rock Festival.

I travelled there because Slayer are not so often to be seen anymore. They are on their last tour. Also announced as Late-Night-Act was Frog Leap feat. Leo Moracchioli. I’m also a big fan of him. And because my favourite activity besides sports is attending festivals or concerts, I bought a ticket for Nova Rock, rented a room and booked a train. I have to tell you: It was more than worth it. 

The Nova Rock is such a well organized, relaxed festival with tasty drinks and tasty food (mezze plate, meat loaf, vegetarian burger) – although I would have arrived back at the culinary art, please excuse me…


Yoga on Nova Rock Festival
Yoga can be done everywhere – Funky Pincha on Nova Rock

Now to the audio-visual delights: What you should definitely watch live are of course Slayer (take the chance while you still have them), In Flames, Amon Amarth, Children Of Bodom, Amaranthe, Sabaton and Seek And Detroy. What you can leave out are Pussy Riot and DJ Paul Kalkbrenner. All in all it was really cool on Nova Rock. No, it wasn’t! It was super hot! But also super great. So great that I already have my ticket for next year!

The sweet palate pleasure

So after a long headbanging night, I did it there. The protein ice bar sample. Three varieties were tested: Creamy Coco, Crispy Hazelnut & Dark Chocolate. I had already fallen in love with Creamy Coco last time.


Frozen Power ice bar creamy coco with nutrition facts

An ice bar that reminds of cocktails, summer and sun cream. Surrounded by white chocolate, the delicious coconut ice cream melts on your tongue. The whole thing is decorated with coconut and almond chips. I love it!


Frozen Power ice bar crispy hazelnut with nutrition facts

Brown chocolate, beautifully garnished with nut splinters, covers hazelnut tasting ice cream. A light cookie base provides a delicious hold. The ice bar tastes so nutty that every squirrel would really enjoy it!


Frozen Power ice bar dark chocolate with nutrition facts

A very chocolaty flavour with delicate bitter notes gives the impression of protein bars for the first time in the test. Encased in dark chocolate, the cocoa ice cream with gluten-free biscuit fulfils the promise of Frozen Power’s website – More chocolate is not possible!

All bars are gluten-free, have no added sugars and the ice cream is protein-rich.

My dissipating conclusion

I suppose you’ve already noticed: I love to eat sweet! One of my guiding principles is therefore


Which can’t just be transferred only on eating ice cream.

What I’m trying to tell you: Enjoy life! Who knows when it will be over. And even if it is over later instead of earlier, it is always too short. Therefore do not postpone your dreams, but live them! Enjoy every moment. No matter if with ice cream, beer, music, sports or with a hobby or a job that you enjoy. Pick the raisins out of your life and eat them with pleasure! As long as you don’t harm others, do what you like and what does you good. And you will be happy! Just dare!

But now a short summary to the ice bars, which are the actual topic of this blogpost:

My ice bar conclusion in a nutshell 

Frozen Power Ice Bars

All ice bars are very, very, very tasty!

But don’t eat them in combination or one after the other. Moderate yourselves! Even if life is short.

If you didn’t make it out desire of sweets (like me), don’t regret it. Just drink a bitter beer afterwards. Or chew chewing gum – it stimulates digestion!

So and now I hope that the ice bars will soon also be available in the supermarket near me. No, I actually hope not, because the ice bars are so delicious that I couldn’t resist and would get chubby …

Have an cool week (affirmation is everything at these temperatures!) – And stay tuned!

And as always, this is just a reflection of my taste. Try yourselves and form your own opinion! Whether at the ice bars or the metal bands …

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