How to become a Superhero

Whose dream isn’t that? To be an immortal superhero. To save the world with magical powers. And to be admired by everyone for it, to achieve fame and glory!

But what actually characterises a superhero? Which superpowers are really important? And is it also possible to become a superhero in a relaxed way?

You can find out all this and also how you can become a superhero in 5 steps here in the blog post!

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Heroes wanted!

Over the Easter holidays, Charlotte, Simmi and I had a challenge on Instagram. Under #seiheutemeinheld, people were invited to post different hero poses and share their thoughts on them.

And we had some wonderful heroines and heroes with us. The heroines and heroes not only shared their thoughts on the theme, but also cool song tips.

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Who is your Hero?

Most people are somehow looking for a hero. Who of us does not have that? Idols, people and personal heroes whom we admire from the bottom of our hearts.

But is it really right to look for the hero out there?

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The Goods have named us Heroes

The gods have chosen the living – they have named the heroes. At least that is what the gentlemen of Moonsorrow sing in their beautiful song “Sankaritarina” – the tale of the hero. This song is about what remains of us when we leave this world. Whether we can say goodbye heroically.

In my opinion, to say goodbye heroically means to have created something lasting. To have given (back) something positive to the world. This does not have to be something material. To put it in “divine language”: The most beautiful thing is to “bring light into the world”.

But how do you find this heroic, your own light that you can bring into this world?

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Find your Hero!

To become a hero yourself, it is helpful to know your own heroines and heroes first. Because from this you can conclude what is heroic that you are allowed to create. Or rather, you can deduce your heroic purpose in life from it.

Think of three people who are your personal heroes. These can be people you know. But also celebrities, politicians or artists. Of course, comic book characters, people from history or fantasy novels are also possible. There are no limits to your imagination.

Then think of at least three characteristics that distinguish each of these heroes and heroines. From this personality picture you can conclude what your heroic purpose is in this world.

My personal recommendation is to meditate on them. But you can also think about these qualities and their meaning while jogging, for example. Or – like me on the cover photo – go into Shavasana and listen to yourself. I am convinced that your life’s purpose will find you!

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Be a Hero and save us!

Once you have found your purpose, it is only a matter of implementing it. And that can sometimes be damn hard. However, have you ever heard of a hero who had it easy? Exactly! No effort, no hero.

To make it a little easier for you, I have written down 5 steps that will help you become a superhero.

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My secret Tip for Superheroes

But before I tell you the 5 steps, here is my “secret tip for superheroes”.

With my “secret tip” you can

  • boost your physical strength and stamina,
  • unfold your spiritual power,
  • give yourself courage,
  • train stability – mentally and physically,
  • and develop your inner heroism.

All these are the benefits of Virabhadrasana. Virabhadrasana is the name given to the hero’s pose in yoga. Also known as the warrior. And it was the motto of our Instagram challenge #seiheutemeinheld.

If you want to use my “secret tip”, check it out here. You are also invited to try my Metal Yoga (at the moment available in German only). Yoga alone will make you a successful warrior of life.

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5 Steps to Superhero

But in my opinion, the most important thing for a superhero is his mindset. Once you have fought the battle with yourself and found inner balance, it is suddenly not so difficult to be a superhero and save the world.

Therefore: Follow the 5 Steps below and help to save the World!

Step 1 ⚔️ Know your Goal

To be a superhero, of course, you first have to know what you are fighting for. What the goal, the purpose of life is.

The hero helps to find the goal

Look again above for the vision with the three heroes and find your goal. Because if you know your goal, then you will also find your way.

In Virabhadrasana I, Hero I, you might want to reflect a little on your goal. Grounded and at the same time open upwards, you will certainly recognise your life’s purpose.

Your goal does not have to give you the feeling of having to fight exhausting battles. Your goal should feel easy and make you happy. Even if you haven’t reached it yet. The imagination of the goal alone may fill you with glorious thoughts.

To be a real superhero, however, your goal should not be to serve you alone, but to serve everyone. Because that is what real superheroes do – use their superpowers for the good of all.

Step 2 ⚔️ Transform your Weaknesses

Every good warrior analyses his weaknesses before he goes into battle.

The hero helps transform weaknesses into strengths

If you want to be a superhero, be honest about what you are not so good at.

Everyone has weaknesses and that is a good thing. You can work on these weaknesses. So first take a step back and take stock. The “reverse warrior” can help you with this. Here you have both feet on the ground and at the same time you are looking back.

Once you have identified your weaknesses, transform them into strengths. Uncontrollability and impulsiveness, for example, can be transformed into passion and devotion. Egoism into healthy self-care.

Practise channelling the power into good channels and thus using the positive from your supposed shadow sides.

Step 3 ⚔️ Do everything out of unconditional Love

When you know your goal and have transformed your weaknesses into strengths, then you can go into battle.

And there you meet the most important aspect that makes a superhero. This aspect is called: Do everything you do out of unconditional love.

The hero helps to love unconditionally

“What…?” you will think. How can you even do something out of love in a battle. But that is exactly the point that separates superheroes from ordinary people. They do everything they do out of unconditional love.

It is characteristic of a superhero that he is not recognised as such in normal life. Just look at the many comics in which the heroes first turn into such heroes hidden somewhere. They save the world incognito. Unconditionally. Because since no one knows them, no one will pay them or reward them. For the real superhero, it is enough to offer his actions out of charity. He saves the world because he loves unconditionally.

Real superheroes also fight with the intention of achieving the goal with the least possible damage. If anyone has to come to harm at all. Because superheroes fight most battles peacefully.

Step 4 ⚔️ Be in Balance

Real superheroes not only love their fellows unconditionally, but also themselves. Because only those who are at peace with themselves have the power to save the world.

The hero helps to be in balance

One point of self-love is already the recognition, the acceptance and thus the transformation of weaknesses. But superheroes do much more.

If you want to be in balance – like a superhero – then eat a balanced diet and take care of your body. You are welcome to do this with the heroes from yoga.

But the superheroes always keep a balance. That means they also allow themselves exceptions from time to time. Without a guilty conscience. All in all, they live a balanced life.

To be balanced, it is also very important to be patient. Patient with yourself and patient with the other heroines and heroes who are seeking their balance. Because of this, be understanding and tolerant with your fellow heroes.

Another important point for maintaining balance as a superhero is to allow yourself enough relaxation. In this relaxation you can then easily implement the next and last point.

Step 5 ⚔️ Reflect yourself

After the battle is before the battle!

The hero helps to reflect

Every warrior reflects on the last battles he has fought. And above all – he learns from them.

Although balanced superheroes are basically self-enough, they strive to become even better. But they do so without pressure and in a relaxed way.

Therefore ask yourself what you could change so that you and your environment are even better off.

Sometimes conditions change. Here it is important to look at the changes, recognise the opportunities and adapt in a relaxed manner.

If you want to act like a superhero, keep adjusting the path that will lead you to your goal.

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⚔️ Here you can find an Overview of the 5 Steps ⚔️

Step 1 ⚔️ Know your Goal

Step 2 ⚔️ Transform your Weaknesses

Step 3 ⚔️ Do everything out of unconditional Love

Step 4 ⚔️ Be in Balance

Step 5 ⚔️ Reflect yourself

So the really important superpowers a superhero should have are determination, self-reflection, patience, balance and, above all, love.

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I am really happy that you have read this so far. Because that means you would like to become a superhero, too.

If you follow the 5 steps, you will be able to become one in a relaxed way. However, it may be a bit demanding and uncomfortable from time to time. Nevertheless, we should keep at it together. Because the world definitely needs more superheroes!

And if you need more inspiration and motivation, then… STAY TUNED! See you soon!

NOTE: When I speak of heroes here, I always mean heroines and heroes. For the reason of the reading flow, I have often left out the female form. I hope all heroines will forgive me…

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