Hare Krishna, Hare Rama – a day at the yoga fair

Interested readers of my blog know that I promised to post my Yin Yoga set. You’ll have to wait until next week. Because I was at the Yoga World in Stuttgart. It was so extraordinarily beautiful there, that I want to tell you about it now. And since I have lately discovered my spontaneity (otherwise I am always very organized, planned … and inflexible), I decided without further ado to simply insert this post before “Yin Yoga with Insomnium”. But delayed is not cancelled! Therefore already now : stay tuned!

The fair Yoga- & Vegan in Stuttgart

I first came to Yoga World because a dear yoga teacher friend of mine told enthusiastically about it to me. Well organized as I am, I immediately researched the date and noted it in my calendar. Planned as I always work, I also went there. Together with a friend, whom I recently – with the help of Yogadude – was able to inspire with yoga.

The Yoga- & VeganWorld is a Yoga & Vegan workshop fair. As the name suggests, it’s all about Yoga and a vegan lifestyle. But also about Ayurveda, alternative healing methods and sustainability. The Yoga- & VeganWorld is a small but very fine fair. Still impressed by the ISPO Munich I was a bit disappointed by the comparatively few trade fair booths at the beginning. But all of them were of very high quality. There was really nothing missing. On the way home we came to the conclusion that it was just right as it was. As always with Yoga!

My new love: Kundalini Yoga

Always open for new things, we took a look at the participatory Yoga offer right after our arrival at the fair. In terms of time, “Start the day with Kundalini Yoga” was our best choice. And also here I have to say: It was just right as it was. No: It was better! Because Kundalini Yoga is my new love. I would never have thought that I could sink so deeply into meditation in the middle of a busy mass with dozens of spectators. But the combination of movement, breathing exercises and relaxation was simply perfect. The Yoga teacher Jürgen Laske was very authentic. He was not only didactically a master of his subject, but also – if you can express it that way in such a quiet yoga style – incredibly captivating. Thank you very much, dear Jürgen! For my daily meditation exercises I was able to take a lot with me. And also Kundalini Yoga I certainly didn’t do for the last time! 

Who wants to be monogamous? My second new love

My second new love: vegan ice cream. With Ice Date a vegan organic ice cream manufacturer was represented at the VeganWorld. And I have to say: Very, very tasty. The vegan ice cream from dates instead of common sugar, cashews instead of milk and fruits instead of flavours convinced me very much. It was not only less sweet than normal ice cream (very pleasant), but also really creamy. Similarly creamy as a few protein ice creams that I recently tested and I will soon introduce to you on the blog here.

My third new love: Hare, Hare, Hare – the color yellow

No, not seriously! Actually I find yellow quite terrible. My favourite colour is, of course, black! I have struggled with me since a long time to become a yoga teacher. But I would like to do that at Yoga-Vidya. And during the training you wear white pants and a yellow shirts. But here, too, the solutions were revealed to me at the Yoga fair. On the one hand I bought a really, really nice yellow top at OGNX Yoga. On the other hand at Niki & Nature a white Yoga pant in which I feel very comfortable. 

Yoga Vidya was also represented at the fair. The incredibly nice, tattooed and long-haired Yoga Vidya employee packed all imaginable information into a yellow carrier bag and assured me that I could also participate in the training in the yellow shirt of Led Zeppelin. Now I have no doubt that a training there is exactly the right thing for me. But only next year. One step at a time. I will keep you up to date…

By the way, “Hare” or “Hari” is a nickname of Vishnu, one of the three main aspects of the divine in Hinduism. The sustaining aspect. “Hare” means green, yellow or radiant and luminous. Just like I left Yoga World: Radiating happiness. With a yellow shirt.

Hare Krishna, Hare Kirshna

The Vedic Cultural Association from Stuttgart also had a stand at the fair. Especially in the past many people thought critically about work and life of the Hare Krishna people. But I think they are very nice, positive and sociable people. So one of the men talked to me. And let me read the text “Hare Krishna” which I knew from the song of Boy George. I still have the catchy tune… There was a very interesting conversation about life goals and reincarnation. A topic with which I will deal with myself certainly still. I am not quite sure yet how exactly my point of view is. But it can never be wrong to behave in the best possible way in life and to do good to others instead of harming them. Dear “I don’t know any more how you are called” (and I told you right away that I’ll never be able to remember your name) thank you very much for the impulses! Your “Hare Krishna” note I now actually carry in my wallet!

For all who – like me – didn’t know: “Hare Krishna” is a mantra and a greeting within the Hare Krishna movement. “Krishna” stands for “Sustainer of Love and Joy”. “Hare” means not only, as explained above, “yellow, radiant, luminous” but also “that draws the hearts of all to itself”. I think there is nothing wrong with that!

And I would also like to choose this as the conclusion:

Preserve yourselves love and joy and draw your hearts to you! No matter if and in which God you believe. And no matter if and in which life you believe after death. Be friendly, tolerant and open-minded. Just like the people I met at Yoga & VeganWorld. I believe that the reward for this is already waiting for us in this life!

In this sense – stay tuned!

Oh yes: Here was now quite a lot of advertising in it. I advertised it all free of charge. Simply because everything is really good as it is. If somebody wants to send me something afterwards, I am not averse to that of course…

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