Happiness Asanas

With the Corona pandemic we are currently experiencing challenging times. But there are also other situations in everyday life in which we need a few feelings of happiness.

That is why I have selected some yoga postures below, the effects of which can make a very good contribution to our feeling of happiness.

Happiness Asanas
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Happiness Asanas

It is important for you to listen to your body throughout your yoga practice. The posture (in yoga called asana) does not have to look like in my pictures or in any other pictures you know. You only go into the pose as far as it is good for you. Listen to your body.

The breathing technique is also important. When holding the asana, concentrate on deep abdominal breathing. This means: Inhale very consciously into your abdomen – your abdominal wall rises – and also exhale again very consciously – your abdominal wall sinks. In this way you activate your parasymphatic system, which is responsible for relaxation and regeneration in the body.

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ARDHA MATSYENDRASANA – Half Lord of the Fishes

The Half Lord of the Fishes Pose helps to keep inner balance even when external circumstances change.

Happiness Asanas - Ardha Matsyendrasana, Half Lord of the Fishes

Starting from the heel seat, place your buttocks on the left side of your legs. Now turn over your right leg and place your right foot next to your left knee. If your buttocks are not on the floor, stretch your left leg straight forward.

Hug your right knee with your left arm. Then straighten up, deliberately lower your shoulders backwards and stretch your right arm upwards while inhaling. As you exhale, turn back to the right and place your hand on the floor.

With each inhale give more length to your back and with each exhale flow even further into the rotation. Make sure that your back is completely straight, your shoulders deep and your feet relaxed.

Hold the Lord of the Fishes Pose for as long as you feel comfortable, but preferably at least 3 minutes.

Release the position by lifting your right arm while inhaling, and a small counter-rotation to your left while exhaling. Straighten up again in the heel seat and practice to the right side.

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The Cobra Pose opens and frees from fear.

Happiness Asanas -Bhujangasana, Cobra Pose

For the Cobra Pose, come into the prone position, legs closed, feet touching.

Now put your hands under your shoulder, your fingertips close with your shoulder in front. Keep your elbows very close to your body.

Push your pubic bone firmly into the mat (this protects your lower back) and lift your upper body with the force of your upper back when inhale.

While holding the asana, think of deep abdominal breathing. Stay in this asana as long as it is good for you. Best again at least 3 minutes.

Then, exhaling, lower your upper body back down onto the mat in a controlled manner.

If you want to, fold your hands pillow like and lay your forehead on it. Let your heels fall loosely outwards, your big toes continue to touch each other.

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The Bow Pose lifts the mind and leads to a feeling of transcendence.

Happiness Asanas - Dhanurasana, Bow Pose

From the prone position, grab the forefoot or above the ankle with your hands. Inhale and come up by lifting your legs, chest and head.

Take a few deep breaths here.

As you exhale, slowly lower your legs and upper body again. As a relaxation position you can also fold your hands pillow like and lay your forehead on it. Let your heels fall loosely outwards, your big toes continue to touch each other.

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The Child Pose develops basic confidence and the ability to let go.

Happiness Asanas - Garbhasana, Child Pose

For the Child Pose, put yourself in a heel seat. Lay your forehead on the floor. Arms are loosely aligned with the body, shoulders are relaxed. Sink deeper into the position with each breath.

If your head does not touch the floor, you can form fists with your hands and place your head on both fists next to or on top of each other.

Stay in the asana as long as it is good for you. Then roll your head upwards, vertebra by vertebra, to sit.

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The Fish Pose releases emotional tension and gives a feeling of freedom, openness and joy.

Happiness Asanas - Matsyasana, Fish Pose

Come in the supine position for the fish. Now put your hands and arms under the buttocks and back. The palms of your hands are placed on the mat, the thumbs touch each other. Close your legs.

Inhaling lift your upper body and look at your feet, lift your chest and place your head on the mat.

Again, hold for as long as it is good for you, at best at least 3 minutes.

Inhale, lift your head, look at your feet and lie on your back. Free your hands. You are welcome to circle your wrists a little to loosen them up. Lie relaxed on your back and feel the happiness coming.

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My personal Happiness Asana

I have thought about it for a long time and I am still torn between Kakasana, the crow, and Shirshasana, the headstand. Both asanas, which do not appear above. But I think that everyone has his own problems inside themselves, which will be dealt with. In addition there is the very own, personal Happiness Asana, that balances out exactly these negative aspects in us.

But after I have taken a closer look at the effects, I think it is a little bit more for Shirshasana, the headstand.

Both the headstand and the crow promote willpower, self-confidence and concentration. While the mental effects of the crow and the headstand are almost identical, the rejuvenating effect of the headstand has made the difference. The inverted posture improves the blood circulation of the head and delays the greying of the hair and the formation of wrinkles. It also helps to transform sexual energy into spiritual energy.

Happiness Asanas - Shirshasana, Headstand

Besides these asanas I still recommend Shavasana, the Corpse Pose. In deep relaxation you can arrive completely within yourself and find inner happiness.

I wish you many happy moments while practising.

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ॐ Namasté ॐ

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