Happiness against the November Blues

November is usually not the time of the year when we are so full of energy and happiness.

At the moment, the mood is even more clouded. On the one hand, the insecurity caused by the Corona pandemic, and in this context, on the other hand, the imposed lockdown, which more than restricts our social contacts.

So it is time to do something for one’ s personal happiness!

It's time for happiness
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Happiness lies within us!

We should realise that we alone are responsible for our happiness. If we think positively, we also feel positive. If we think negatively, then we will also feel bad.

Of course, in these challenging times it is not always easy to keep our spirits up. I also have many negative days when I would like to bury myself in bed.

Happiness against November Blues
I also have many negative days, but…

But I also have many tricks to lighten the mood.

And I would like to share these tips and tricks with you today. Or maybe I have already shared them with you in the last few weeks on Instagram and Facebook – and here comes the summary…

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Tips & Tricks for more Happiness in Life

Even in times without social distancing, in times when we are allowed to meet many people, it is true that real happiness can only be found within ourselves. Because only those who are at peace with themselves, who rest within themselves, can fully engage with others.

And therefore we should take good care of the person who is most important to us: Namely ourselves!

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Time for Selfcare

So that not everyone has to spend a long time thinking, I have collected a few things that we can do for ourselves. The only thing left to decide is whether we would rather do one thing for ourselves or the other. Or – even better – both at once!

Happiness - Time for Selfcare

And here come the next suggestions…

Happiness - Time for Selfcare
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Happiness Rituals

Besides the things that make you happy from time to time, you should have rituals. Rituals give a feeling of security. Immensely important, especially in such uncertain times.

My recommendations for the daily rituals of happiness:

Happiness Rituals

First and foremost, of course, is gratitude. Writing down three things in the morning, for example, for which we are grateful, makes us start the day in a much more positive way.

A smile makes you happy. If we smile at ourselves in the mirror, it has a double happiness effect. First, we give a smile and second, we get one back.

Fresh air. A walk or pranayama (breathing exercises) not only supplies the body with new oxygen, but also lifts the mood. 

Movement. So important. Can be combined with a walk in the fresh air.

Get i in touch with yourself. A point that can involve so much. A pleasurable application of body lotion after a shower or a relaxing meditation. The conscious perception of what the body needs at the moment. 

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Happiness Food

Certain foods can also help us to be happy. The reason for this is in most cases the high proportion of tryptophane. Tryptophane is an amino acid that is converted into serotonin in the body. This in turn makes us feel happy and content.

It has been proven that these foods make us happy…

Happiness Food
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Happiness Asanas

Happiness Asanas are of course especially close to my heart. I am of the opinion that movement in itself makes you happy. If it is then a yoga pose with a supporting effect – all the better!

Happiness Asanas

Click here for the detailed instructions.

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I hope I could make you a little bit happy!


A good start to the pre-Christmas season and – STAY TUNED!

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