Good Moon you walk so quietly…

Unfortunately, there is nothing quiet about anything at the moment – even if there is a lockdown. Or just because there is a lockdown. Not only are people’s minds very agitated, but the planets are probably also in an unfavourable constellation. All this leads to unrest in us and around us. But that is exactly where the moon can help – even if only indirectly.

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The Moon

The moon is worshipped by many cultures as the female divine power of nature. It therefore has the calm and passive part in contrast to the sun, which stands for activity and energy. But there has always been something mystical and mysterious about the moon. Especially the full moon.

Full Moon

The full moon is only one phase of the different lunar phases of the month. In it we are not calm and passive, but rather restless and active. In fact, the full moon robs many people of sleep.

“Blue Moon”

On Halloween this year we have a very special full moon. It is called a “Blue Moon”. We speak of a “Blue Moon” when there are two full moons in one month. Since we already had a full moon on 01.10.2020, the Halloween full moon is therefore called “Blue Moon”. However, this has nothing to do with the colour blue, but can be traced back to an English saying that says “once in a blue moon”.

So unfortunately, this month there seem to be several reasons for not being able to sleep well.

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The Threshold of Fear

In Tarot the card of the moon stands for irritations and fears, for a feared bottleneck. It shows us a last important threshold that must be crossed to reach a goal.

The Moon from the Rackham Tarot
The Moon from the Rackham Tarot *

Though, the card also suggests that we take the path of fear. Carefully, cautiously and without violence.

Not an easy way in these troubled times.

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Moon Salutation

Who would have thought that there is a way to remedy the situation with the moon itself?

Namely with Chandra Namaskara – the moon salutation, which is a sequence of calming postures that promote relaxation and healing.

The moon salutation is named after the Hindu moon god Chandra. The moon god was born after his mother swallowed the moon. He possessed a magic elixir of life that could heal. But the more this elixir was consumed, the thinner Chandra became. Fortunately the phases of the moon had an effect on the amount of the magic elixir of life, so the moon god became thicker again at full moon.

Besides Chandra, Kālī is also associated with the moon in the Hindu doctrine of the gods. She represents above all the decreasing phases of the moon and the new moon. So the black aspect – symbolizing destruction – but also the aspect of renewing. Because without previous destruction nothing new can be created. If we make ourselves aware of this, we can also cope better in our uncertain times.

So we already have two possibilities to face the restlessness within us: Firstly, by practicing the moon salutation every night, and secondly, by trusting that everything is just a phase and that after a phase of deficiency there will be a phase of abundance again.

Quote - Be just like the moon, go through phases
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What we can learn from the moon…

☾ Without prior destruction, nothing new can be created.

☾ We can be confident that everything is just a phase. A dark time will be followed by a bright one.

☾ The moon can help us to remain calm. Because with the moon salutation we can bring peace and balance into our lives. You can find the instructions here.

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I wish you much of this tranquillity and balance in your life.

Stay calm – and stay tuned!

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