Muskel-Kater / Musculature Hangover

Musculature hangover – Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness

Who of us does not know muscle soreness? Motivated by springtime we trained until completely exhaustion. The next day just even walking feels like hell. The wanted shape for the bikini – far, far away…

Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness – facts, facts, facts

What is Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness?

Primary it was thought that muscle soreness is caused by lactic acid accumulation formed by anaerobic work of the muscles (for example during a sprint). But with according this theory muscle soreness should not be felt after degradation of the lactic acid. Though it does. So today it is supposed that there are microscopical small injuries in the muscle. In this muscle injuries odeme develop and the muscle swells out painfully.

What´s the reason for Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness?

The small injuries form from unfamiliar and high stresses and strains of the musculature. Beginner athletes are more frequently affected than professional athletes. The coordination among the individual muscles is better developed with the professional athletes. However, if a professional athlete does unfamiliar exercises, he will get as well sore muscles. Often muscle soreness aches after eccentric work of the muscle. That means a load has been decelerated. Like walking down a mountain.

How long do I have to suffer?

Maximum one week. Is the muscle soreness not vanished, you should got to a doctor. It’s probably not a sore muscle anymore, but the muscle is seriously injured.

How can I relieve sore muscles?

The muscles should heal as soon as possible. Imagine a crushed house. You may need new material to repair the house. And the broken material has to be disposed. Therefore the blood circulation must be stimulated. You can 

  • have a warm bath,
  • do alternating showers,
  • visit the sauna
  • or do other applications involving heat, like a gentle rubbing with warming oil or irradiation with the red light lamp.

Do not massage or stretch sored muscle. This would aggravate the injuries in the muscle fibers.

May I keep on training with muscle soreness?

Of course! But only with the half of the intensity, which was causative for the muscle soreness. A moderate workout even helps to stimulate the blood circulation and so the healing process. Good would be easy moderate endurance training such as going for a walk. Nordic Walking or swimming are also regenerative. What you can do as well is to exercise other muscles then the soring ones. If you have sore muscles in your legs, work out the upper body and vice versa.

How can I avoid muscle soreness?

  • Increase training successively,
  • warm up the muscles before the training &
  • stretch the muscles after the training

Stretching is a keyword at all. I am a really big fan of stretching. Especially I love to do Yin Yoga. But more to Yin Yoga and also to stretching in total another time more! You can look forward to Sunday, in two weeks time: I will show you some beautiful stretching exercises for the neck. You can make them if you exaggerated a bit at the last concert!

In German the Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness is called „Muskelkater“. „Kater“ means a male cat and „Muskel“, of course, muscle. The funny thing is, that a hangover is called „Kater“ as well. So let´s talk about soreness of the whole body not after having too much sports but after having too many beers.

Hangover – facts, facts, facts

How is a hangover created?

You drank too much alcohol! From the physiological point of view, a hangover is caused by the toxins produced by the breakdown of alcohol in the body. So don´t blame it on the alcohol itself. Alcohol also has a diuretic effect. If you have to pee a lot and don‘t drink enough the water, you get dehydrated. This means that you dry out. Too much alcohol in the blood circuit also causes the blood sugar level to drop.

How does that affect?

We all (or maybe most of us…) know it: headache, nausea, dizziness, fatigue and thirst.

What can I do to avoid hangover?

Drink, drink, drink. But no, not a beer. Water! And a glass of water with every glass of alcohol. And make sure that you get enough sleep after drinking alcohol. Because sleep is known to be the best medicine.

What can I do if I have already a hangover?

The same advice in this case: drink water. To increase the blood sugar level, a “hangover breakfast” is recommended. A hearty breakfast with, for example, wholemeal rolls, eggs and tomatoes. Or even better, eat a late snack to avoid a decrease of the blood sugar level. Good as well is to take a shower. It stimulates the circulation and the blood flow, what – as we have already learned from sore muscles – results in faster removal of toxins.

Besides that, I have two tips for you

First: Ginger tea. I do drink it daily. Not because I have a hangover every day, but because ginger tea is also healthy otherwise. Ginger tea has a calming effect on the nervous system and increases the production of stomach acid. In addition to that, which is important for the hangover treatment, it helps against dizziness and nausea.

Second: Ardha Matsyendrasana. No that´s no pill against hangover. It´s a Yoga position, in which the abdominal organs are gently massaged and toxins are being removed. It is also considered to heal nervous ailments. Perfect for hangover treatment.

Ardha Matsyendrasana – that´s how it works

Starting from the heel seat, place your bottom to the right of your hip. Put your left foot next to your right knee and your right arm around your left knee. Straighten up again and with the next inhalation stretch your left arm far up. 

As you exhale, turn your upper body around its axis to the left and place your hand on the floor. There shall be no weight on the hand. If you sit in a stable position, you can also put your left forearm against your back.

If your left hip does not rest well on the floor, extend your lower leg. With each inhalation you try to create length in the back and with each exhalation you go even more into the turn. Try to be very gentle here.

Enjoy a few breaths – loosen – and do it from the other side.

Now we are well informed. Let´s get started! Whether with sports or with beer – you choose…

Here my advices for you

Important for training is to warm up and cool down the muscles.

Important for drinking alcohol is to drink enough water beside alcohol. And to get enough sleep. By the way: Both should also be practiced during the workout.

And last but not least: Reach out for your limits but don´t go beyond them! This will prevent sore muscles as well as hangovers.

See you soon and stay tuned!

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