Decoherence of mind and body – Yin Yoga with Insomnium

Just be and improve your fitness? Relaxation is also part of a well-adjusted fitness balance. Have you ever tried Yin Yoga?

I already revealed my love for Yin Yoga in the Post Yin Yoga – stretch your body, raise your soul. Today I show you – as promised – my Yin Yoga Asanas to wonderfully relaxing Insomnium songs.

The Performance

Yin yoga is a passive yoga style. The postures are slowly stretched into, held still during the stretching and, above all, the posture is slowly loosened again. The stretching must not hurt unpleasantly. But it should already be a small step outside the comfort zone.

All movements are performed consciously and the muscles are also relaxed consciously.

The songs

The Asanas

Butterfly Pose

  • Song: Inertia (3:43)
  • Recommended duration: 3 – 5 minutes
Yin Yoga with Insomnium - Butterfly Pose

Sit down comfortably and pull your seat back a little. Bring the soles of your feet together and push them at a comfortable distance from the seat bones. If necessary you can put a folded blanket or something similar underneath. Now bend gently forward. The back rounds and the head sinks downwards. If possible, place your elbows on the floor and support your forehead with your hands. Alternatively you can place your head on a pillow.

Sphinx Pose

  • Song: Beyond The Horizon (5:12)
  • Recommended duration: 4 – 5 minutes
Yin Yoga with Insomnium - Sphinx Pose

In the ventral position, place the elbows under the shoulders and let the weight sink to the forearms. Your belly, buttocks and legs lie softly on the ground. The lower back is relaxed and only pushes gently downwards by gravity.

Pigeon Pose, first side

  • Song: The Swarm (2:54)
  • Recommended duration: 3 – 5 minutes
Yin Yoga with Insomnium - Pigeon Pose

From the quadruped-stand, pull your right knee to the right hand and put down the lower leg crosswise to the short mat-end if possible. Slide your left leg backwards until you feel a stretch on the outside of your right hip and right thigh. The right half of the buttocks can be supported with a blanket or similar. If possible, lay your head down or lean on your forearms.

Pigeon Pose, second side

  • Song: The Descent 3:12
  • Recommended duration: 3 – 5 minutes

Do the same on the other side now.

Child´s Pose with open knees 

  • Song: The Emergence (1:46) play 2 x 
  • Recommended duration: 3 – 4 minutes
Yin Yoga with Insomnium - Childs Pose with open knees

Stay in the quadruped position and pull your knees a little apart. Lower the pelvis to your heels, your feet are still touching slightly. Put your arms either in front of your head or alongside your body. The head sinks relaxed to the ground, if necessary you can also put a pillow under it.

Caterpillar Pose

  • Song: Resonance (2:29) play 2 x
  • Recommended duration: 4 – 5 minutes
Yin Yoga with Insomnium - Caterpillar Pose

Sit down on the ground with your legs outstretched and pull your seat back slightly. Then let your upper body sink gently forward, your back may become round. As support for your head you can put a blanket, a folded towel or something similar under it. Relax your whole body. The legs may turn slightly outwards.

Pentagram Pose

  • Song: Decoherence (3:19) play 3 x
  • Recommended duration: 4 – 5 minutes
Yin Yoga with Insomnium - Pentagram Pose

From the dorsal position open your legs a bit more than mat width. Your feet may tilt gently outwards. Your arms lie diagonally behind your head with palms pointing upwards. When it’s cool, cover up. So you can relax your body the relatively long time pleasantly and completely.

I hope you feel as relaxed as I always do after doing all these exercises. And if you have fallen asleep – also good. Then you needed sleep and are relaxed, too. By the way, the song “While We Sleep” would fit wonderfully…

Insomnium will probably release a new CD soon. At least they were just in the studio… I’m already very excited and looking forward to new songs for my Yin Yoga practice. Of course, I will present them to you immediately. So:

Stay tuned – and stay relaxed! See you soon

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