Communication – a question of posture

Communication is so much more than mails, phone calls or What’s App messages. It takes place always and everywhere. Even if you do not want to communicate actively, you do it anyway. With gestures or mimics, with the whole body posture…

Communication. From Dispatch to the Tweet. - Day of the Archives in Germany
One of my jobs : Assistant in the city archive

Inspired by this year’s Day of the Archives in Germany, which was held under the motto “Communication. From the Dispatch to the Tweet.”,
I made my own thoughts on the topic of communication.

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Old communication methods…

Communication primarily means the exchange of information or empathic actions with a communication partner.

In addition to the well-known and recognized old communication methods such as the very old dispatch or the letter, which is still widely used despite digitalization, there are other communication methods that still exist today but are located more in the mystic area. For example the communication with fate through tarot cards.

Tarot - communication with fate

It may seem superstitious to some people. I believe that all is one, that all gods are one god. The cards only help to reveal what is predestined. Even if you often do not want to hear the answers…

Tarot cards box - communication with fate
Tarot * – Card set with detailed instructions

“In reality, it was not the things that showed something; it was the people themselves who, by concentrating on the things, discovered the possibility of diving into the soul of the world.”

taken from “THE ALCHEMIST” by Paolo Coelho
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Magical communication – heart coherence

There are many ways of communication, which may seem scary to some people. One of them is heart coherence. In a kind of meditation you communicate with your own heart. I also do this regularly. Because it is just wonderful to know that there is something that you are beloved by unconditionally and that knows the answer to all questions.

Heart coherence - the communication with the heart
Heart coherence – communication with the heart

If you would like to try it as well, here are the instructions for

Heart coherence

Inhale – exhale – hold for 3 seconds – inhale – exhale – hold for 3 seconds… Breathe in this rhythm and try to let go of everything negative. Focus your thoughts on a happy moment. Imagine an image in your head that stands for peace and tranquility. I usually imagine the light rushing waves of the sea.

When you have calmed your thoughts, then you can ask your heart: “Do you love me?” And it will answer with a warm feeling, with a kind of inner embrace. Then you can communicate with your heart. And honest answers will come, from the depth of the heart so to speak. Answers that you actually already knew, but which did not reach your mind. After our coherence I thank my heart.

Unfortunately, it does not always work out for me. Often my thoughts cannot be controlled and I cannot find peace. But maybe next time my heart has an answer for this problem. Often the answer of my heart is to be patient, everything will come as it is meant to be and at the right time. Maybe I should have patience here, too.

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…new methods of communication

Nowadays, new methods of communication are being used. Through the World Wide Web and social media, you can connect with people all over the world. Unexpected possibilities open up.

And magical communication can also take place in social media. I think Instagram is very magical. Often I get solutions for questions that are buzzing around in my head or quotes that help me to make the right decisions. Sometimes also hints at pleasant or unpleasant truths.

Nevertheless, communication in social media is rather impersonal. What matters is a beautiful illusion and that can be faked without any problems. Because the honest components of communication are not to be recognized on the photos or in the texts.

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Communicaton – a question of posture

55% of human communication happens through body language.

Signals like 

  • do I face my counterpart (interested) or do I stand turned away (disinterested)
  • do I stand with my head held high (confident) or my shoulders lowered (insecure)
  • do my eyes smile when I smile (honest smile) or do I just pull the corners of my mouth upwards (played smile)

say more than a thousand words.

Besides the 55% of body language, the voice takes the second largest role in human communication with 38%. The content, i.e. the spoken word, becomes rather secondary with just 8%.

Quote: Communication is authentic, when words, voice and body speak the same language

Authentic and, above all, credible, you only appear if the words, the voice and the body speak the same language.

Sometimes unfortunately a little bit difficult, because we often do not know what we want and then the body speaks the language of the heart but the words are the speech of the head.

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Besides the unconscious body language we have the possibility to give conscious signs to communicate. Like in sign language. Or in cueing. Cueing is the sign language in aerobics. With different positions of the arms and hands it is shown which step should be taken. I use cueing, too. Then I do not have to scream all the time (…yes, I love loud music…especially metal, and that also works in aerobics – with Turmion Kätilöt for example). Or I can give stage directions in the background during performances. The perfect non-verbal communication for trainers and athletes.

Nonverbal communication in aerobics: Cueing for the step "March"
Nonverbal communication in aerobics:
Cueing for the step “March”
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Communication between feelings and posture

Communication is not always honest. But this is a good thing, because we can take advantage of it. It has been proven that our brain is not able to recognize whether we smile because we are happy or just pretend to smile. So when we smile, even when we are not doing so well, the brain thinks we are doing well and we will be doing well. It is that easy to become happy!

It is the same with posture. Feelings and posture influence each other. If we are in a bad mood, we bend over. But if we are self-confident and optimistic, we walk upright and with our heads held high. We can also use this for our mood. Let us just always walk with our heads held high. Then the brain thinks we are unbeatable and we will be!

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Listen to what is not spoken and do what is focused

In communication it is therefore important not only to receive the message, but also to hear, see and feel what is not being said. To read between the lines. This is how you get to the truth.

We should be open minded. Open minded for old methods of communication such as heart coherence, but also for the new methods of communication that offer us so many opportunities to make contacts.

We should be honest anyway. Unless you need to convince yourself a little bit to be happy and confident. Then you can cheat. And smile at the same time!

Communication is above all a question of (body) posture!

On that point: Stay tuned and upright!

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