Ankle EXERCISES on the Balance Pad

Instable surfaces, such as the Balance Pad, are used for rehabilitation and prevention.

I myself contracted a ligament rupture during a workout some years ago. With the help of the Balance Pad I was able to rebuild my proprioceptors and so not only the injury healed but also my nerve transmission was restored. My foot was practically as new.

By keeping balance and by coupling movements during this holding on an unstable surface, the risk of injury to ankle and knee joints can also be reduced.

In addition, such training is wonderful for the entire trunk musculature, which has to do the stability work.

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  • Stand in the middle of the pad.
  • Knees are slightly bent.
  • Pay attention to the “stability triangle” – the outer instep, the inside and the heel of the foot.
  • Warm up with easy walking on the pad for one minute.
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Dark Exercises Metal Fitness Skull

Ankle Training

For the ankle training march on the Balance Pad.

Ankle Training on toes
Alternating on the toes…
Ankle Training on the inside edge
…the inside edge of the foot…
Ankle Training on the heels
…the heels…
Ankle Training on the outer edge of the foot
…and the outer edge of the foot.

The exercise is performed for a duration of one to two minutes, changing position after 8-10 steps.

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While standing shoulder-wide, the head forms the extension of the spine, tense the belly and bottom firmly. Then lower your hips as low as possible.

Squat starting position
Starting position
Squat down
Lower the hip as low as possible
– like you were gonna sit down on a chair
Squat : One heel lifted
Variation: One heel lifted
Squat : both heels lifted
Variation: Both heels lifted

Per variation you can do 8 squats, that means

8 x with both feet on the pad
8 x with the lifted right heel
8 x with the lifted left heel
8 x with both heels lifted

Repeat the set 3 times in total.

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One Legged Stand

For this balancing exercise, place your legs shoulder to hip width apart.
Here too, you have to contract the entire torso muscles to stabilize them.

One Legged Stand - starting position
Starting position
One Legged Stand - Knee up
From the starting position you lift one knee and
hold the knee up for a few seconds.
One Legged Stand - Leg long
Afterwards you extend your leg backwards
and stop there again for a few seconds.

Then perform the exercise with the other leg.

Per leg a total of three turns.

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Scarf Lifting

Put a scarf or something similar within reach of your foot.

Scarf Lifting on the Balance Pad
Now grab the scarf with your toes…
Scarf Lifting on the Balance Pad
…take it upwards and pick it up with your hand.

Repeat the scarf lifting with the toes of the other foot.

Lift the scarf 5 times per foot.

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The Balance Pad EXERCISES are optimally suitable as a additional training for all kinds of sports. I start my running technique training with them.

They also promote balance. And that is what we need most in life to be happy and satisfied. Balance.

Life is all about balance

I wish you a good balance on the Balance Pad and also in your life! See you soon!

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