An apple a day – and you will later fade away

Eating an apple a day does not only help to stay healthy and keep the doctor away, but can also – combined with sporting activities – prolong life.

Admittedly, that is a daring thesis. But as always in life: It’s the mix. Sport & apples. Simply a paradisiacal combination. And both have immense health benefits. Paired unbeatable and actually suitable to increase life.


Even the ancient Vikings knew that the apple was something magical. 

Thus, the Germanic goddess Iduna, the goddess of eternal youth and immortality, was the guardian of the golden shimmering apples. These apples gave eternal life to Odin and his buddies. They considered the gods young for their heavy duty to steer the destiny of the world. At least until Ragnarök approached and Iduna sank into the underworld. With this and the twilight of the gods, eternal life and the Germanic gods were over. But the life-prolonging effect of the apple remained.

VRIKSHASANA - the (apple)tree
VRIKSHASANA -the (apple)tree

Wieland & Wilhelm

In the legends of Wieland the Blacksmith and the even more famous William Tell, the apple has a, if only indirectly, life-prolonging effect, as well. Both times the marksmen hit the apple and not the child carrying the apple on its head. A masterpiece of the skills of coordination and strength in combination with mental resilience. Also a positive effect of sports activities. And people in earlier centuries had to engage in sports. Even if they did not call it sports, but simply survival.


Marduk-apla-iddina II, king of Babylon, knew about the healing power of the apple, too. He had apple trees in his medicinal herb garden. This is proven by Babylonian writings from the 8th century BC. 

Who would have thought that Marduk had anything to do with medicinal herbs? I think Marduk sounds more destructive than healing!

Joey & Eric 

While we are on destructive, I would like to mention briefly: Joey and Eric get competition.

Joey DeMaio and Eric Adams are (founding) members of Manowar – the loudest band in the world. They want to destroy our eardrum. And who would have thought that they would get competition from an apple? In fact, there are apple farmers who attach importance to the volume of the cracking of the apple. And who would have thought that both the loudest apple and the loudest band in the world come from the USA? 

However, the apple farmers still have to do some more. The apple “Sweettango” cracks with 79.1 decibels. But the Sweettango does not come close to Manowar, who hold the record of the loudest band in the world with 139 decibels. Tango can’t beat Heavy Metal yet!

Gerlinde, Hilde & Undine

Gerlinde, Hilde and Undine are some of the names of the favourite fruit of the Germans.

Apples - the favourite fruit of the Germans
Apples – the favourite fruit of the Germans

To get back to the actual topic, here is a little something worth knowing about the apple:

  • The apple consists of 85% water and contains many vitamins as well as potassium, iron and magnesium.
  • The nutrients of the apple differ depending on the type of apple.
  • The apple should definitely be eaten with its skin on, as many of the valuable substances are found there.
  • Besides various minerals and dietary fibres, the apple also includes secondary plant substances. Catechins can prevent bronchial and lung diseases. And flavonoids protect against cancer and heart disease.
  • In addition, the fruit acid present in the apple destroys bacteria in the mouth and prevents the formation of tartar. So I immediately think of KISS

One very important point on the subject of “apples” is still missing – the sportive aspect.


US researchers have discovered that the urolic acid contained in apples reduces muscle atrophy in mice and strengthens their muscles at the same time. The mice, which were obviously fed many apples, were slimmer and their blood values better at the same time. They had a stronger and healthier musculature than the mice, which were denied the “fruit of knowledge”.

Sporting activity combined with an apple is therefore really an unbeatable team!

Regular sporting activity also has many life-prolonging aspects. Just to name a few:

  • Economization of cardiac function
  • Increased absorption capacity of oxygen and its transport into each individual cell
  • Improvement of the immune status
  • Lower release of stress hormones


Because metal musicians are clever minds, they have all recognized that long ago. That is why they wrote songs about apples. Or about what is connected with it. 

Here is the list of my TOP 8 songs about the apple theme

So now it is only left to say…

Have fun listening and think of me the next time you eat an apple. 

Or even better, the next time you eat an apple after a sporting activity. 

And almost not to top: The next time you eat an apple, after a sporting activity, accompanied by the TOP 8 apple songs.

Because that can prolong your life!

Stay tuned!

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