About me

I am a Metal Music fan and sports lover. And I like it most when the sweat runs down – whether at a workout or in the front row of a metal concert!

Everything in life should be in balance and harmony. Therefore my own training includes strength and stamina training several times a week in addition to daily yoga units. The holistic aspect is very important to me, both in my own training and in my offers.

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Sports and Fitness TrainerDeutsche Sportakademie
contains the licenses

  • Fitness Trainer B-License
  • Cardiotrainer A-License
  • Functional Fitness Trainer A-License
  • Prevention Trainer A-License

Yoga Teacher (BYV)Yoga Vidya

Yin Yoga TeacherArhanta Yoga Online Academy

Back and Spine Exercise SpecialistAkademie für Sport und Gesundheit

Group Fitness TrainerAkademie für Sport und Gesundheit

dark exercises fitness & yoga skull

If you want to get to know me personally, I invite you to visit my live acts. When and where – you can find all this on Facebook and Instagram or here.

Furthermore, I offer individual sessions as part of a personal training. Also available as online personal training.

dark exercises fitness & yoga skull

You want to know more? Feel free to contact me! 

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