A Black Swan named Corona

The world is paralyzed. A rare and improbable event has occurred: It has come a Black Swan. A Black Swan named Corona. He brings us much pain and sorrow. But also many new chances and opportunities…

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The Black Swan is everywhere

“A Black Swan keeps haunting me”

BLACK SWAN – Megadeth

A Black Swan – an highly improbable and rare occurrence that often has extreme consequences with or after it.

I am not the only one who has been haunted by the Black Swan for weeks. No, it is stalking people all over the world. I mean, really all over the world. Who would have ever thought that there would be an occurrence that affects us all like this? Forcing us to stay at home, forcing us to deal with our habits, our fears and to deal with ourselves.

We all feel the Black Swan’s presence first-hand.

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The World in Scare and Fear

“It´s only there to terrify my Mind”

BLACK SWAN – Megadeth

That is how you often feel right now. Especially when you read the news.

But that is precisely what is dangerous. Of course it is good to deal with your worries and fears. But in a neutral way. Without frightening the mind. And above all, you have to be able to let go of the scare. It must not determine everyday life. Unfortunately, easier said than done in the current situation.

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With the Devil on my own

“My Angels left me
Sorrows are my own
and now I am here
with the Devil on my own”

BLACK SWAN – Megadeth

Home alone, quarantine. All distractions of the usual routine are cancelled. The devil’s voice on our shoulder will automatically get louder. At the same time, the voice of the little angel on the other side becomes silent, because there are less and less positive things to say. 

You might think so…

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One hundred and one shots of opportunity

“One hundred and one Shots of opportunity
I´d gladly take them all again and again and again”

BLACK SWAN – Megadeth

This crisis offers so many opportunities, it is just amazing! In all areas such dynamics are emerging.

Just take the yoga area. Online Yoga is now offered everywhere. Just a few weeks ago I was thinking about when and how I could go to Basel in Switzerland to do Metal Yoga with Anita of „Yoga ist für alle da“. Now I was simply given the opportunity to do it in my bedroom at home.

Opportunity of the Black Swan : Online Metal Yoga
“(H)OM(E)-Office Yoga” to the sounds of bands that would have played at the unfortunately cancelled Ragnarök Festival

Since it is no longer possible to meet in person in larger groups, more and more is being transferred to the virtual world. Spontaneously online offers arise which would not have been offered without the Black Swan.

Like the online workshop of Yoganotes to capture yoga flows in the form of stick figures.

Opportunity of the Black Swan : Online Workshop Yoganotes
A yoga sequence in stick figures – Basics in Yoganotes’ online workshop

So the Black Swan gives us countless new opportunities. The Deutsche Sportakademie, where I am just studying to become a sports and fitness trainer, also offers webinars on many different topics. And that even free of charge.

With the hundred and one opportunities, you have to be careful not to dissipate your energies. I would like to participate in everything that interests me. But unfortunately I do not have that much time.

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Dreams come true

“Any Pleasure could never really be a Sin”

BLACK SWAN – Megadeth

The current crisis is also no obstacle to the fulfilment of long-cherished wishes. Of course, for now, unfortunately (unfortunately, unfortunately, unfortunately, unfortunately) all concerts have been cancelled. However, there are other ways.

On my wishlist is a concert visit of Kotiteollisuus for years. That they will come to Germany is quite unlikely. In view of the quarantine there was a gig that was broadcasted live via Facebook. Another gift from the Black Swan.

Opportunity of the Black Swan : Online metal concert of Kotiteollisuus
Kotiteollisuus live in your own bedroom
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„It always starts out psychedelic
and then it turns to…“

BLACK SWAN – Megadeth

I see the greatest gift as the self-reflection that triggers the circumstances in all of us.

In this way I have gained insights that I would not have gained otherwise and I have done things that I would not have done otherwise. Because in this chaotic time I have realized what is really important to me in my life.

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Chances in the Crisis

” I promised on my Soul,
not to get carried away”

BLACK SWAN – Megadeth

We owe it to our soul to see the chances in the crisis. Anyway, it does not help to drift into negative thoughts. It only attracts more negativity.


Take advantage of the crisis! There is one hundred and one shots of opportunity to do it.

Stay in the flow! This works especially well when you are doing sports. It does not necessarily have to be yoga. Every physical exercise releases happiness hormones.

See the gifts the Black Swan brings to us all! Embrace those which are good for you.

And be grateful for that. Because gratitude is the little sister of happiness. If you are grateful, you will be happy.

Dark Exercises Skull

I am grateful and happy that you have read my blog post!

Stay healthy and stay tuned! See you soon!

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