Exercises with Metal Music

Exercises with Metal Music - Crow

Are you also a passionate Metal Music fan like me? And do you also like to train as much as I do? But no matter if it is yoga, workout or stretching – heavy metal is seldom played. But there are a lot of fitting songs for every movement! 

That is why I founded DARK EXERCISES. DARK EXERCISES are fitness activities to Metal Music – sometimes more, sometimes less hard…

dark exercises fitness yoga skull

As a qualified fitness trainer and yoga teacher, I have specialized in underlaying my offers with Metal Music: soft stuff for yin yoga or stretching, pushing stuff for workouts and motivating stuff for stamina training. 

On my website you will find EXERCISES, which you can do to the matching songs from my PLAYLIST. Besides that, the right mindset and the necessary motivation is provided. Every few weeks there is a new blog post in the BLOG.

If you want to experience DARK EXERCISES personally, I invite you to visit my live acts. When and where – you can find all this on Facebook and Instagram or here. Furthermore, I offer individual sessions as part of a personal training. Also available as online personal training.

dark exercises fitness yoga skull

You want to know more? Feel free to contact me!

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